Naked Greed PDF Download

Naked Greed PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2015-07-14


As always Stone & Dino get the bad guys. Stuart Woods once again put together a great piece of writing !


The stories are getting weaker. The smirky dialogue is getting more and more predictable. Woods is now into making formula stuff and has less and less development of his characters. Let's protest by not preordering the next book be fobs off on us and waiting to see if he's back in the saddle with a real old time Stone novel or not. He owes his readers more than he's churning out.


I just wasted several hours of my life that I can't get back.


I have watched the quality of Woods writing erode with every new novel. He continues to repeat historically insignificant details to fill up the page. The only thing different in Naked Greed it that he forgot to write an ending. I can only suppose that he is hoping you will buy the ending in his next book. Note to Woods; if this is the best you can do perhaps the time has come to quit with some sense of dignity. As for me I can't believe I paid $14.00 for this book. I'd asked for it back if I could.


It is painful to buy a book and read about characters you feel like you know, but the book ends in the middle of the story! Money, great sex by all, gun shots, new characters and the book ends as if you are watching a 30 minute TV show. We deserve more for our money!


I'm a dyed in the wool 'escape reader' and Stuart Woods' Stone Barrington series fills the bill. The only thing I don't care for is Barrington's chronic philandering. The stories are well written and intriguing. I anxiously await the next one!!


Stuart seems to be running out of ideas. Vague characters and really weak ending.

Annie My

Suspence ending leaves you hanging until sequel comes out. Sorry I purchased it, should have waited and borrowed from library.

TCB with Schilling

Those of us who enjoy Stuart Woods Books are typically thrilled when the next new one hits the stand. In fact I have preordered his next three. In that vein Naked Greed does not disappoint. Woods primary character, Stone Barrington, is back in a wonderful new mystery and up to his old tricks....meeting and becoming of counsel to the rich and beautiful, romancing the latter, and brushing with death in the process. I forced myself to ration this book out over a week so that I would not consume it in its entirety the day I downloaded it, and enjoyed every night. My only regret is that I will have to wait sometime before I can so thoroughly enjoy another mystery as entertaining as this one. HJ Buter