Foreign Affairs PDF Download

Foreign Affairs PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2015-10-13

Lottoman 1

Stuart Woods has done it again. He continues to develope his main character and hold you in suspense

Animals Anarchy

I was so,looking forward to reading this book, but was very disappointed by the really stupid plot with Stone living such an the super rich life which is really an overkill for regular people. Also, his casual hookup with a person he just met and then takes her all over the world supplying all the worldly goods she might need. Totally unrealistic and boring story. Wish I hadn't wasted my money. My sister, an ardent fan, said his earlier books were so much more interesting and well written than this current gratuitous novel.


Predictable campy more so than ever fast read cause you read most of if before the mafia guy was a pathetic character and how he worked in the church was comical Buy it in paperback when it is on a 3 $ close out not worth the price at all felt like i was ripped off when it ended


I don't know if it is his age or he is just bored, but these Stuart Woods books have innocuous plots and poorly written text. We miss Elaine's and better written prose


God dammit Stuart woods. Write faster. Love Stone, and his no nonsense secretary and Dino and the whole case of characters. I love getting lost in your books and feeling like I'm right there with them. My little/big escape. I have to tell you I don't like that Elaine's went away. But nothing lasts forever. First post ever. Just can't get enough of your stories. And I also like Holly. Keep it up ! Maybe I can interest you or your lady in a handmade leather handbag. Biker style clutch. Private girl designs Deborah

Trish McM

I pine for the Stuart Woods who wrote "Chiefs" and "Run Before the Wind"! These days I pay $14 for a book that is almost a duplicate of last year's. The plot unfolds in Rome instead of Paris, another hotel construction confounded by Italian mobsters instead of Russian mobsters, and only the woman involved is somewhat different. No more. I won't be reading any more Stone Barrington novels.


I tried several times to write a review of this book. I rated it one star but no matter what nickname I tried to use, it said the nickname was in use. So I am rating it 5 stars just to see if the review goes through. By the way, I have read the entire series and enjoyed them, this one was the worst by far. It lacked any suspense and was boring....


Enjoyed the action and humor! Feel it needed multiple plots for a longer read! Again I did not get my money's worth!


Great book and grasped my urge to read about the book from the first 10 pages. Spent a good amount of time reading the book a few chapters at a time and still made me always want more. Definitely will look forward to reading more from this series.


Fun reading but like a short story. Disappointed we got 'to be continued' after 320 pages seems like a disconnected scam for a major novel.


As always, Mr. Woods has provided another fantastic and entertaining adventure. I anxiously await the next great adventure.


I found "foreign affairs" to be very interesting. The action was great and the info about Italy and France enlightening. I was very happy to see stone Harrington having sex with only one woman in this book. However, I am wondering if he can meet a women and not have sex with her. I knew as soon as he sat next to her on the plane that it would go that way. Doesn't he know about std? Can't he have a friendship with a woman without getting intimate?