Scandalous Behavior PDF Download

Scandalous Behavior PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2016-01-12

Blue bowl.

Do not waste your $13.00! Over half the book (really) was a GQ piece. Planes, houses, tailors, staff requests to have things sent, restaurants etc. usual background noise for character. 2fwb romps. No mystery to solve. No threatening villan. He submitted an outline that had many chances to at least pretend to be expanded upon. Paid people to do stuff, rode horses from one estate to the other. Awful.


Woods is just cashing the check these days. Little thought given to writing a good book.


Having read all of Wood's Barrington series, this one is the worst by far. Plot is weak, predictable and undeveloped. As Mr. Wood continues to grind out this series, the main characters become more arrogant and less interesting.


Whirlwind insight of how to spend money. Disappointing plot, very little and trite intrigue. Woods is always a pleasure to read but this was too short.

Daking 13

Most authors evolve over the years and work at their craft. Stuart seems to be going the other way as his frequency of publishing books seems to be tied to IRS quarterly estimates­čśĆ. It might be time to retire Stone for awhile and go back to his pre serial days, when the plots were great and the characters were developed.


Waaaaaaaaaay to much money