Unwrapping Her Perfect Match: A London Legends Christmas Romance PDF Download

Unwrapping Her Perfect Match: A London Legends Christmas Romance PDF Download

By: Kat Latham
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-11-11


This is a great love story. I would love to hear more about their lives in France though.

Sticky Love

Incredibly sweet little book for the holiday season.


Funny, sweet romantic read. Will definitely read this author again


When John goes to an auction to be bid on for a great cause little did he know he would meet Gwen. John was tall and did not believe anyone would bid on him. He tried to convince Gwen to bid on him. So when she did it surprised him and thrilled him he really wanted to get to know her. Gwen has been hurt and does not trust men. John makes mistakes after meeting Gwen and tries to fix them only it did not work. Only after a accident leaves him needing help does Gwen figure out she really cares for John. Added in John has a daughter he can't communicate with and only Gwen can help him. Such a wonderful romantic story

Grandma PNR

Good sweet romance. Gwen and John are great ,getting to know and understand one other. Easy read.

C. Chen

Love this story. Love how they make each other better. Hope to see more of them. They are so sweet. Love them. At first the story is kind of slow but its still prefect ❤️


Oh, so sexy! I'm not sure what it is about tall men, but wow are they hot. This was a great romance with good characters and just the right amount of steam. I would definitely recommend it.


Unwrapping her Perfect Match by Kat Latham is this first I've read by this author, but it definitely won't be the last. I was hooked in from the first page & was rooting for Gwen & John from page 1. Gwen's insecurities made her feel real and she reacted in a way that I have reacted in the past when people touch on things that hurt from the past. John was misunderstood at times because of his size, but he was a genuinely a good guy who wanted to do right by his daughter and Gwen. John is a rugby player and Gwen is a nurse and part of what helps bond them is Gwen ends up taking care of John after he gets a concussion at one of his rugby games. This story gets 5 stars and I can't wait to read more from both this author and this series.