Hot Pursuit PDF Download

Hot Pursuit PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2015-04-07


With each new Stone Barrington book, the plots and characters grow more ridiculous and formulaic. (And amen to another reviewer's comments on editing!) I wonder: Is Mr. Woods too complacent with this lazy series to bring back Ed Eagle? Or just not capable of original thinking any more? Glad I read this on someone else's tablet. A waste of money!


Mr. Woods used to write some good stories but not anymore. Stone Barrington and Holly Barker made cameo appearances in this book. The main story was not even about or concerned them, yet it was advertised as a Stone Barrington novel. Must be a new way of writing books. Don't waste your valuable time reading this book like I did.


Loved all the Stone Barrington books but this was such a disappointment. Boring

Rob Finman

A delightful tale characters consistent with the Stone Barrington genre. I enjoyed every page. No politics, no thinly veiled slaps at Republicans.....just fun to read. Thanks very much

Prof vg

Absolutely boring. These novels have gotten worse over time. The writing is so mechanical. No style. No art. My last time.

Glenview reader

Only because I didn't have anything else to read, I listened to the "critics" and bought it. Don't bother unless you have a second grade reading ability and no imagination. Writing and dialog were terrible!


The two plots are pretty weak. A quick read. I expected more of a Stone Barrington novel.


My last Stuart Woods.

Jennifer lawrence

This book is sort of good?!


Woods is just cranking them out these days. Not one of his best.


As often happens with a series the plots get more and more ridiculous. The once interesting facets of Stone Barrington's character have become kind of trite as they are replayed in every book.


I have read all the Barrington stories and loved them. This one will put you sleep.