Paris Match PDF Download

Paris Match PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-10-07


Very good. The length could be longer but once again the story was fabulous as is all your stories. When will the next book be out. Can't wait.


The Stone Barrington series seldom disappoints. This one is another of Mr. Woods' successes. It is a quick moving story line that makes for enjoyable time well spent. Beats the H#ll out of watching mind numbing TV.


I've been a huge fan of Stuart Woods books but the last couple have been pretty poor, this one is awful. I suspect someone else are writing these for him. Stuart, have you no shame?

Denice Vaughan

Love the stone series. Simple books with a lot of pleasure. The mega wealthy perfect gentlemen who loves all women. The ultra rich or ultra powerful woman, that are hard to hate. Add in some CIA employees and its a delectable series. To me, it's the perfect book as a companion to a bubble bath or when you need your real world to disappear for a couple hundred pages. The only thing that has ever disappointed me, is the authors final pages. His request to write to me with only "I love your book" or "I hate your book" letters. It's too bad I'm in love with Stone too much to let him go. Until the next time, Mr. Barrington.

Daking 13

I've read every book Stuart Woods has written, and have begun to recognize the pattern. One can almost tell when he has a balloon mortgage payment or another major debt due by the timing and quality of his work. This tome is so lacking in plot development, and relying on meaningless gratuitous sex that it is beyond annoying. Stuart, put on your big boy pants, and spread out the number of titles in order to turn a buck.Start telling good stories that are worth the price of the book.


Of all the Stewart Woods I have read, which is almost all of his books, this is the worst I have read. Very disappointing.


As always, a great book & left us hanging & hoping Kate wins the Presidency.