Carnal Curiosity PDF Download

Carnal Curiosity PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-04-08

Prof vg

Based on prior reviews (and recent books by this author) I decided to borrow this book from my library rather than buy it. Great decision. It was awful. Shallow plot. Poorly written. Basically soft porn. Stone following his "d#%^k" from conquest to conquest. Why is this author being paid for this! I have read every prior Stone Barrington novel. And have been increasingly disappointed. It seems that the author is just churning g books for profit. Certainly my last!!

Bosco's Dad

Omg. The worst book ever. What happened? It read like a bad TV show of the 70's. Transparent and worthless. Will never purchase another from this author. Save you money. You will thank me.


Don't know how it made the best sellers list.

TCB with Schilling

The best Stone Barrington novel in some time. Attorney Barrington is embroiled in a great new mystery with more twists and turns than any in recent memory. If you enjoy a good mystery you should not miss this one. Woods is always good but recently his books have strayed a bit away from his primary characters. That changes with this book. Woods is back at his best with this story that has a bit of everything including some interesting carnal pursuits that lend the book it's title. Do not miss this book.


The book wasn't long enough. I hope the rest of the book will be done soon. Thanks

Egg Market

Not one of your best.