Cut and Thrust PDF Download

Cut and Thrust PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-07-15


The first years of Stone novels were great. Detailed intrigue. Substantial plots. Now our arrogant author (read how he slaps at his buying audience after the end of every book) has gone steadily downhill. I think he's trying to write film treatments instead of novels now. I'm done paying high prices for his shoddy Ebooks. This had no character development and almost no plot. No real tension or drama. He's churning out books for bucks. Don't buy this one. Send a message. If you did buy it and rate it low add a comment telling others why. Maybe we can get our author to pull his head our of the clouds and care about the readers who made him rich.


There are two major political parties in our country. To view one in a lesser light as this book has only added more fuel to the political fire that has destroyed this country.

Reviewer GG

Worst book I have read in years So shallow it was embarrassing

Mackey S.

I liked this book but it was too short and the ending was most abrupt! I hope there is some kind of follow up in the next book, I feel I have just been dumped to the side of the road!


Awesome again. Looking forward to the next one. Always look forward to Stuarts books.

southpaw Center

This is a typical Stuart Woods novel, featuring Stone Barrington,one of the most interesting characters you will find in a novel. I love every one of Stuart Wood's books. When I read these reviews complaining about them and how short they are, I think: you know how long they are before you buy them, and if you have read other novels by him, you know what to expect. If you don't like them , don't buy them. I think he is one of the premium authors of today. I give them all 5 stars.


Cut a and thrust like all Stuart Woods books was the greatest. I've read every Stone Barrington novel that he has written and I hope he writes many many more. Another Holly Barker book would be great also.


Couldn't wait for his books to come out. Loved these characters. This book just proved what the last few had hinted towards....once loved characters with no more character. Riveting plots and hilarious dialogue now flat and stale. So sad to see this happen. Hope the tired attitude that consumes this book awakes to a new start next time....

Rob Finman

Most of this story churns in one direction and then twists to a unrelated finish. I miss the older action-packed story lines which also hinted at living the good life of the rich and famous. Today's Stone Barrington is a wheeler dealer billionaire who hobnobs with the President and is a political fixer for the Democrats. This reads like a daytime soap opera about the mega-rich and famous. Come on, Mr. Woods, there must be some greatness left somewhere.

Jack dubrul

I read this book in a couple of hours. Just too darn short. Entertaining but a rip off

GG marge

Felt cheated. Wasn't ready for the end


I always eagerly await the next Barrington novel, and this one left me very disappointed. Too short, fairly boring, no real plot. I didn't even realize it was near the end and it was finished. I really hope they get better again.