Standup Guy PDF Download

Standup Guy PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-01-07


I've enjoyed the Stone Barrington series of books by Stuart Woods. I am greatly disappointed with this one though. The plot is very thin, the story very unbelievable, and the ending anticlimactic. I question if this was actually written by Stuart a Woods. I hope the next book release gets back on track.

Mackey S.

You never fail to deliver! Love it, couldn't put it down. Looking forward to the next one.


Have read every one of his books, but this was like a John Patterson novel-- I need cash let's write a quickie. Not worth the time or money


First, I'm a huge fan of the author and wished he'd write more books. This book didn't have the usual flare that we've come to expect from the Stone Barrington series. I was disappointed after reading it. While Stuart keeps his books to 60-ish chapters and 320 pages, I thought this book could have been half of the final product. His usual flare has the reader in suspense and wanting to know what's next. This book doesn't have that at all, frankly I wanted to put the book down. This book was a lemon compared to the gems he usually writes. I hope the Stone Barrington series will have more about Herb, Peter, Holly, CIA, politics, and murder going forward. A staple theme in the series. I just hope the next book goes back to the usual themes we've come to expect from the series.


Mediocre at best. I agree seems like Stuart just wants the paycheck these days.

Dr. McD

Of all the Stone Barrington capers, this one was the least fulfilling or satisfying. Stone finds himself chasing a lost fortune, the origin of which he himself is uncertain, "hypothetically"speaking. However, a new client appears to be keeping it just beyond his reach while ironically following Stone's own counsel. The client is part of a subplot from which the reader is excluded only to reappear at the story's conclusion. Meanwhile Barrington's snobby attitude and never ending good fortune are enough to hold the reader long enough to realize the caper's partially concluded ending. A pending sequel perhaps? Like all of the SB capers, this one has plenty of the sexual double standards and male ego appeal to keep things rolling. But even Stone's character would start to find his own appeal too boring to bed 3 different wannabe society dames. Is Holly really still attracted to this guy and unable to find something more exciting through her CIA contacts?


Fast paced, sexy, literate. If you are not a Stone fan, you will be!


I really like reading Stuart Woods and have read many of his books but it seems as though he phoned this one in. This book is trite, predictable and dull. I hope this isn't indicative of where the Stone Barrington novels are going.

Time Travelker

I have been a very long time fan of Mr Woods writing, especially his Stone Barrington series. They have always been fun and entertaining and any number with good twists and turns. Of more recent times they feel forced and formulaic. Yes, I understand a need to follow the franchise for success but this one just didn't make for me. Perhaps it's time for a time out on Stone and crew. It's been a good run and I wish Mr a Woods well.


After reading the previous novels in stone barring ton series I was looking forward to this one. Clearly the author just needed a house,car, or yacht payment. Absurd plot. Too stupid to waste your time reading. Obvious and really really dumb. I am sorry I wasted my time. Will never read another Stone Barrington story again as I spend more time deciding what socks to wear than this author did on creating a plot

Loyal Reader 5502

Not really one of his best


Best Stone Barrington book in a while. Truly enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one.