Whiskey Beach PDF Download

Whiskey Beach PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Genre: Suspense, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-04-16


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If you have read Nora Roberts for awhile beware this was published in 1985. The book is entertaining but I thought it was a new book. Waste of my money


This was an extremely enjoyable book. Needless to say I liked it. I’m not sure what more one could ask for. It had romance and mystery, and even some even supposedly history, that bit about The ship wit treasure on it and which sunk if Whiskey Beach, also some about prohibition an smuggled in whiskey.


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The best held my attention a no leave it to later book!! Thanks


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Nora Roberts was one of my first reads, & 90% of the time, I LOVE Her Work!! This is definitely One of My top-10!!


I would rate this a 5 star. Love mysteries and this book keeps your interest.


Who wrote this book I think Nora Roberts hired a ghost writer because this was not her usual style because it was so boring it took all I had to finish reading. I skipped pages and pages of endless dribble.

Go to hell. 3rd try

Some of last 20 pages were 1/2 blank. Refund?


This book moved slow for me in the beginning to the point where I completely lost interest about a quarter of the way through. However after a few months I came back to it and actually the book does pick up about halfway through a becomes a good read.

Cindy Demme

Great read - Nora Roberts at her usual best. Made me want to go live at Whiskey Beach!