Beautiful Day PDF Download

Beautiful Day PDF Download

By: Elin Hilderbrand
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-06-25

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Boring, boring, boring


Loved this book. Good summer read.


Loved it! I have a large family like this family, so I could relate to all the stories attached to even the smallest character. Enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait for her new one to get me all involved again.,


I wish Elin Hilderbrand's books wouldn't end. I find myself wrapped up in the characters, thinking about them even when I'm not reading the book. I wish this author would write more, faster! I can't wait til her next book comes out!


This book was an easy and enjoyable read that I could not put down. It made me laugh and it brought tears to my eyes. I felt like I knew the characters from the very beginning. I highly recommend it.


I was hoping for more out of this book. Very sentimental and also agree with others who say Beth seems very overbearing from her grave!! I read the whole book hoping it would get better, but it just didn't deliver. Hope Elin's next book is better!


Elin never disappoints me. Her writing always draws me in so that I can't put the book down. Beautiful Day was no exception. Loved it!