Collateral Damage PDF Download

Collateral Damage PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2013-01-08


Stone at his best. It's after the Arrington

Road Glide Rider 2

Stuart Woods has done it once again. You're hooked from the first page.


I'm sure in his next book Stone Barrington will be the president. This has gotten totally out of hand. This is my last Stuart Woods book.


I don't know what the complaints were about. I loved the book, I didn't want the end to arrive. Awaiting the next installment Mr Woods.

Daking 13

It seems like every other Woods book lately is a disappointment. Maybe he's in "call it in, and wait for the royalty" stage of life.

medicine bow bob

I've read an awful lot of Start Woods' books and enjoyed them all. This one is also enjoyable but a little less so than his earlier books. He's a good storyteller and I love his characters. But I have to say that his dialogue has been evolving toward unnaturally formal and often pretentious phrasing as his characters have become more successful. I would have rated this book much higher if Mr. Woods had remained truer to his roots.


Horrible! This was a totally predictable book that may be a good read for a 12 year old. Juvenile story-line. Not worthy of NY Times best seller.


I used to be excited to buy the new Stuart Woods books. Now, every time I finish his book, I tell myself not to bother to buy the next one. Inevitably I do…. this was so poorly written I was distracted thru out the whole book. The grammar was atrocious and the story line was really flimsy. C'mon Stuart it is time to write your books like you did in the old days!!! I will be waiting :-)


Tried to download but paused instead. What is the problem??


Pre-order is not worth the effort, can't open my book stuck on pause never never again. Apple get it sorted


I also can not download my pre-order. This has happened last pre-order too.


I was supposed to get the book today as I previously purchased. Can not open book paused. HELP!!!!!! What know?can not rate I'd I can not read it