The Price of Politics PDF Download

The Price of Politics PDF Download

By: Bob Woodward
Genre: United States, History
Relase Date: 2012-09-11


Excellent insights into how Washington has failed to address the financial crisis that our nation continues to face. From the egos and attitude of Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama that prevented compromise during the first two years of the administration to the rigid opposition of Cantor and tea party members during year three, Woodward captures it all.


What a scary book Bob Woodward has written! Showing the vulnerabilities of the Obama administration prior to the 2012 election should be required reading for all taxpayers. I've become a huge fan of Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan as two of the republican leaders who still make sense of all the nonsense going on in Washington. After reading the price of Politics, I'm convinced that Pres. Obama cannot get us out of the next economic meltdown which he will be responsible for causing.

Richard Katz

This is my first Woodward book and I can tell you I am thinking about reading more books by Bob. This book shows you what really went on on a very serious matter which is still a threat to the world today: the ever increasing debt of the USA. Bob takes you to a front row seat to reality beyond the demagogy of Republicans and Democrats. This book teaches you not to be fooled by what politicians say. My image of Obama and his team was drastically changed.

Minneapolis mamma

It was like watching "Twelve Angry Men". Loved it. Amazing how we only heard the spin before this book. Thank you, Mr. Woodward.


Bob Woodward's best


No matter your political point of view you need to read this book. You'll find plenty to like and dislike on every side but what's more important is what you will learn. Leadership styles, miscalculations, dirty tricks and poor choices. It's all there and each will choose to see some things and not others but if you can open your mind and save your perceptions to the end you will learn something. That I can guarantee. How Washington works and how it doesn't. Perhaps most importantly you'll begin to understand what the fight is all about and the truly monumental scope and scale of the problems we face as a country. I honestly believe that if everyone in the country read this book we would rise up and demand change that would shake our institutions to the core. Both Democrats and Republicans should fear this book. Thank you Bob Woodward for giving us the information we truly need. I hope time will show we're up to the challenge.

omar abeed

ثمن السياسة

Damon Jay

Bob Woodward has written another amazing book. I bought this for my iPad and couldn't put it down! A clear, well written, objective, behind the scenes account of politics at the highest level. This is a masterpiece for anyone interested in understanding the mechinations of our government in Washington and our top leaders. Thank you Mr. Woodward.


Great to see Woodward is still being a fair journalist, especially in this day and age. We all know about Nixon, the left loves him for that while the right may not like it while still respecting him for getting the truth out. So far the book is great, interviews also. A lot of insight on our current problems, and how past presidents handled situations by working with Rep and Dems and not against them. All in all it's just a fact based book.

Wasem Gawish

I find this book to be very informative about politics.


Just watched the Charlie Rose interview with Mr Woodward, and I had to buy the book, the interview was 5 stars, and I am sure the book will be consistent with his long body of work. 40 years after he helped me see Nixon for who he was he continues to help us all see our leaders as the are. Human. Leadership is what we need in Washington, leadership is what we get from Bob Woodward's work in journalism. Thank u, Mr Woodward.