Kitchen Confidential PDF Download

Kitchen Confidential PDF Download

By: Anthony Bourdain
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Cookbooks, Food & Wine
Relase Date: 2008-12-10


Informative interesting read.


The price keeps going up, taking advantage of popularity...geeezzzz Apple.


Amazing book. Enlightened me on something I know so very little about - professional cooking. It’s easy to appreciate how this book was a best seller.


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Bourdain has always had a remarkable way with words. He spoke poetry. The way he saw things was one of beauty, honesty, appreciation and worldliness. In love with this book. Rest In Peace Anthony Bourdain.


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Anthony writes like he lives honestly and imperfectly. The honesty is what makes this really great. He is not afraid to show his humanity in the rough and tumble restaurant businesses. A unique insiders look you can feel the heat and intensity in the kitchen as they try to get some good food out fast. I never ate his food but I bet it is honestly good.

The highlife!



This is a great read for any food enthusiasts! It tells the great tale of what happens behind those kitchen doors and just what it takes to make it in the restaurant world. Great stuff!


An amazingly acerbic look at the life you love. Chronicling the times of a masterful cook, it is an unabashed chronicle of real kitchens and the life.


It took my on a journey worth my time. Resilience and relevance are core themes for all of us in life and this book delivered.

across milkyway

This book charters Tony's zenful, uncomplicated, open-minded and rewarding love for the limitless varieties of food delicacies from different background and cultures that begins from his childhood's travel to France country side to his sentimentality towards his sous chefs and the crew of hard working and often ignored line cooks from South America whom he worked with for over two decades in the restaurant business in the NY city.