Unnatural Acts PDF Download

Unnatural Acts PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2012-04-17


Stone Barrington meets Jerry Seinfeld - a book about nothing. I agree with others that this once entertaining series has been heading downhill for several installments. Woods writes as if his readers haven't read the previous books in the series. Names change, dead people are alive in the next book, character traits change dramatically overnight, Stone's child was born a girl in one book, then is a boy in all subsequent books, Arrington left her Bel-air estate to Stone in one book, to Peter in another. This one offers at least one new twist, Stone meets a beautiful woman that he doesn't bed in the first five minutes! And boy do these people drink! I imagine the final installment will have all the characters dying off from cirrhosis of the liver. Add to all this that the book is full of typos and one wonders if anyone is editing these. Woods is cranking these out about every four months, and it shows. Too bad.

R&A Hutcheson

WTH!?! He keeps changing the names of people from previous books and now he changed how the outcome of Arringtons Killer turned out? Very irritating! I wont be buying anymore books from this author as they just keep getting worse and he apparently has no decent proof readers, etc!


I don't know why I wasted my money. I've read every book in the Stone series and they keep getting progressively worse. I'll never buy, or read, another one.


Kept my suspense. Did no like the ending . Feel cheated.

Michael Glick

The worst book I have ever read. Did an eighth grader write this? No plot, uninteresting characters, completely boring story. Do not waste your time. Whoever published this book should be fired.


Please find your story telling mojo again!


I did enjoy the story. The end was riviting. I couldn't put the I-.pad down. "Well done"!

Volunteer Dave

Another great read. I love Stuart Woods books. Thanks. Keep em coming. David.


I'm a disappointed fan........not much substance here! I guess this is an attempt to wean us off Stone & Dino onto Herbie. I hope Stone is not being put out to pasture.......if so, count me out. BillyBob939


I thought son of stone was a bad read....this one was worse...I could barely make it through and I like the stone barrington franchise. Don't your time or money! Stuart...if this is the best you can do, why bother?


Another great summer read. Add this to your arsenal of summer reading material.


This is the worst novel I have ever read. No plot. Just like watching an episode of Law and Order. Please refund my money.