The Last Boyfriend PDF Download

The Last Boyfriend PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2012-05-01

JT's Momma

Just OK. Didn't catch/hold my interest like most of Roberts books. Characters didn't seem to have much chemistry. Solid read, not a page turner.

Sally Smith

Romance, mystery, & intrigue. Lovely!


Not as exciting as the first. A little too predictable and not enough action. I hope the third is better.


I usually love Nora's series, been reading her for years, but the first book of this series was tolerable, and this second book was so boring. I couldn't even finish it! There was very little plot and no exciting chemistry between the main characters. So disappointing. I won't even bother with the third book.


I loved it I liked the way she still kept up with Beck & Claire, I can't wait to read about Hope & Ryder


I wish Nora Roberts had included a little more about the first couple from the first story but this story was such a nice eye opener and a great entry into this upcoming November 2012 release of the final story where finally the harder brother meets his match and we get a conclusion on the ghost! This is som of the BEST story telling Nora Roberts has done. Highly recommend this and the Garden Series - two of her best. Lovers are introduced slowly rather than fast paced like she has done in the past and the relationships develop naturally....absolutely perfect.


Nora Roberts never disappoints me. Great story and a realistic one too. A girl with relationship issues bc a parent messed her up- so many of us can relate to that. Great book, cant wait to read the final one in the trilogy


Great material. Ready for the third book to hit the stores!!


Again wow... Love her trilogies.. Hate I have to wait til November for next one!! I love these characters...

Ln Daniel

Can't wait for the last book to complete the series.

Cheesecake Dave

Big disappointment, and I am a BIG Nora Roberts fan. Nice story, but no plot and so sugary sweet, I thought I was reading a Disney made-for-tv movie. The first book in the series was great, but this one didn't measure up! Hope the third novel is better.


Nora has done it again ! Can't wait for the last one. I have nothing to read because I have read all her books ! Thanks Nora...