D.C. Dead PDF Download

D.C. Dead PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2011-12-22


I love love love this book as all of Stuart Woods' books. He is brilliant and keeps the stories fresh. I have read all that he has written and I am a fan for life.


I usually love the Stone Barrington books. But, I can't get past the third chapter in this book because the author can't even get the name correct of a character that was introduced several books ago. It bothers me. Maybe Stuart should get a new editor.


This review will be short. The contents, the plot, the narrative and the silly four main characters of DC Dead are simplistic, even silly and written for very low IQ people. A parallel subplot develops in the middle part of the book, then goes on individually, and it never interconnects with the main plot and with the primary characters and then finishes as such, hanging loose. It is like an addition to the text to give it a minimum number of pages, probably required by the editorial. I'm surprised that such a book was published, even by a well known author, and I would be even more surprised if anyone writes a favorable review and explains coherently why it liked it....!! What a waste of time, effort and resources by the author, by the editorial and by the readers who naively bought the book and were able to finish reading it...... It remains unexplained to me why a book like this has been published..!! Sincerely, Saul. Houston, Texas.

Sheri Pringle

Same old stuff. Stone jumps every woman in sight and I had the culprit figured out long long before the end. Disappointing...

Dubby the Chicken

I love his characters and read every one of his books as soon as they hit the shelves!!!


Great writing style. Plot moronic and unbelievable. Character teddy in book for no apparent point. Huge reader and thought to use this book to intro to prolific author. Would make more sense if read previous novels. But even if had plot is so so unbelievably stupid. A book you would never share with friends because they would be think you had no literary taste. In sum, a complete waste of time


Great book


Decent book.


Don't know how he does it but this book, like his others, is not a literary masterpiece but sure is a fun read. Stone, Dino, Holly etc make for some fun interactions and is just another cool story. Nice read, quick read without racking my brain. Just pure pleasurable story.