Son of Stone PDF Download

Son of Stone PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2011-09-20

Moot 32

The demise of Stuart Woods continues. He just gets worse and worse. I'm through. This will be the last Woods book on which I waste my time and money.

Living a Dream

Never again will I buy another book by Woods. Elementary writing, dull reading, no plot, I couldn't even finish it.


Very good, quick read; typical Stuart Woods to some extent. Only one surprise that was dealt with in an interesting fashion. On to the next one by Woods!


I was surprised as I read the other reviews. I was excited to see Stone reunited with his one true love -- this was a long-ago started romance that Stuart's avid and devoted readers have waited a very long time to conclude. Albeit, in this book, somewhat predictable, I believe Stuart did a beautiful job telling a completely different story while trying to maintain Stone's character integrity -- he had to do much of that in very concise writing. I loved meeting, Peter, Hattie and Ben -- they're all I hoped they'd be!


I agree with others. I really enjoy Stuart Woods, but this left me wanting. Not much depth and several story lines just dropped. Hope next book picks up.


I have never written a review before but this book was a waste of my money! S. Woods should be ashamed to sucker his followers in purchasing this folly of a book.


Shame on Mr Stuart. I feel insulted. At first I thought it was me, I have been reading more literally challenging books and I was thinking that this book was not up to par, but then I soon realized that this book was just writing at its worst. I felt like I was reading a not very good first time author. I never looked at the reviews because I have always enjoyed Stuarts books. I will not make that mistake again. If I could have returned this book I would have.


This is by far the worst stone Barrington book to date. Very disappointing. Stuart woods has turned this character into a joke. talk about copying a Clive cussler story line. Give me a break.


I've been a great fan of Stuart Woods for years. His slick prose and deft plots make a refreshing light read; however reading of Stone Barrington's perfect life and effortless accomplishmnet was a little wearing. Son of Stone carries it too far. His son is even more able and life is more effortless. His mom gets blasted by a shotgun; hey guess what i inherited! Need into Columbia; hey, he's too brilliant not to be accepted. It's a nice life but just too saccahrine. Let Stone age gracefully; the Son of Stone doesn't need to take-over.

Polish Ham

What a shame. I'm less and less pleased with Wood's recent offerings. This one was a new low.


I have read all the stone books and they have steadily declined over the last several years but this book takes it to an unbeatable low. All exaggerated sunshine and bull. I would rather be molested by a silver back gorilla while chewing on tin foil. STUART I loved your Delano books and I am a huge Stone fan but this was an after school special story.


Not the best of Wood's books. A little boring and very predictable.