Sharp Objects PDF Download

Sharp Objects PDF Download

By: Gillian Flynn
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Women Sleuths
Relase Date: 2006-09-26


I couldn’t put it down. She has done it again and I can’t wait to watch the series...


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I read all of the reviews and expected this book to be amazing. It was disturbing and depressing. I do not recommend this book. The is a fabulous writer. I was hooked after the first page. The content and depth sickness is not something I would recommend to anyone. I made myself finish the book and should have put it down after the third chapter. DO NOT BUY this book unless you want to be disturbed and sad.

Brittiany Lee

Sharp Objects is a must-read for all fans of Gillian Flynn, psychological thrillers, and/or mystery novels. Great story line, keeps you guessing until the very end.


This book is well written and has great character development. But got boring in a hurry. It was to over the top for me.


So-so character development. Predictable plot.


I had a pretty good idea early on who was involved with the murders, but it didn't stop me from powering through. I loved Gone Girl and loved this one as well. On to the next one!!


Such a good read. Would never have guessed the ending!


Camille was a journalist for the Chicago Daily Post. Camille was an amateur writer falling short on expectations. Her boss wanting a story that will make headline news, sent Camille back to her hometown to write a story about the killing of two young girls. Camille was from Wind Gap, Missouri. The town consisted of five police officers and was ill-equipped to handle brutal crime scenes. A detective from Kansas City was brought in to investigate the murders. These brutal murders of two young girls caused scandalous gossip between townsfolk. With both the detective asking questions and Camille researching for her story they sent the community in a tailspin. All the characters seem to hold an incriminating suspicion about them. This small town was full of secrecy and craziness. Camille's character profiled the townsfolk pissing off her righteous mother. Her welcome back home was met with questioning glares. Once her identity was revealed Camille became an outsider. While I appreciate the assiduous process of detailing every character by showcasing their flaws it became tiresome and boring after awhile. Camille's character overshadowed the thrilling detective story I craved. Instead, Camille's problems pulled the reader away from her inadequate ability to write a crime story about her hometown. Camille's hometown pumped out improperly raised people according to society's standards. Wind Gap was stagnant and a non-progressive community where diseased minded people suffered from boredom. The discovery of the killer was anti-climatic. The process at disclosing the truth was arduous and mundane. I did not feel satisfied or fulfilled by having read this story. In fact, I hoped for a suspenseful thriller instead I was left emotionally drained.


I felt like I had to read through a lot of jargon/crap to get to the main points. The ending could have at least been more detailed. After reading bs forever I would have liked the revelation to been slower and detailed. It just wasn't a major shock and all this talk about her scars and nothing more was done about it, I mean the book is named after a razor and you're think they would go back to it. I wouldn't recommend this book ugh.


This is by far my favorite Gillian Flynn book. Even better than Gone Girl. Wish I could read it again for the first time.


This book is very creepy. I didn't find the ending to be surprising.