I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings PDF Download

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings PDF Download

By: Maya Angelou & Oprah Winfrey
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,
Relase Date: 1970-01-12


This book is well written and very engaging. I like Maya’s chronology of her different life phases. And she captures each phase with authenticity. She’s a great example that society doesn’t define you but rather you define how society should view you. Need I say this book educated me how to treat a woman by the way she perceives herself in which case Maya let’s us into her thoughts. Thank you Maya for sharing your life with us and may you dwell amongst us through your works.


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Re: I know why the caged bird sings

Kanisha Bowie

Great read!!!


Ms. Angelou will leave a vast whole in the world of story telling and poetry. Thanks for all the amazing books. Rest my fair lady....

cc court

You truly will be missed! I enjoyed your poems so much!

Doug hdsksj

It's a very good and well written medium sized book written by a grand poet who makes the book seem as if the words were coming out of a child's mouth. Maya Angelou definitely had an interesting childhood and it makes for a very entertaining read.

cheryl's opinion

I regret to say that this is this first of Maya Angelou's writings that I have ever read. It was awesome. Now I see why she is an acclaimed author, poet and speaker...she went through some tremendous things in her youth where she learned to put them to pen and paper; speaking candidly from her heart and soul. Now I am on a quest to read more of her work. And as the result of reading this book, I am a changed woman!

breezy binns

This book was totally worth the read and it was very inspirational .


why can't you use any form of itunes to read this book? why only mobile devices? if I need to access this on my laptop, I cannot. why?


I have always been a fan of Maya Angelou's poems but never knew she wrote other things besides poetry. She opened my eyes to how life was for a young African American girl growing up in the south. Loved this book! Thank you Ms. Angelou for sharing your story.