Dark Places PDF Download

Dark Places PDF Download

By: Gillian Flynn
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Women Sleuths
Relase Date: 2009-05-05


This book is incredibly dark. I expected some doom and gloom from the synopsis, but this just keeps delving deeper into uncomfortable territory. I had nightmares from it because it was just unnecessarily disturbing. The characters are all unlikable. The ending is ridiculous. Skip it.

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Cathy Esq.

I can't believe this is a best selling author. I couldn't even get through the free sample, boring overdone descriptions trying to be literary . . . Ridiculous character descriptions. Can't believe anyone pays good money for this book or writes a good review.


Wonderful thriller!

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This book was boring And way too far fetched at the end. Too many pages for such little activity. I had to force myself to read the book.


I am 100% impressed by Gillian Flynn’s writing! Amazing read! I commend Ms. Flynn’s creative mind. Haven’t read a book this good in a long time.


It is hard for me to even fathom the creativity, experience and sicko mind that could even imagine this plot line. Then to take the life of the injured party from childhood through adulthood and answer what would result in her persona is intensely intricate. It is in the finest of the details that the answers lie. Reminds us that the facts we know may only be our perspective.


Dark Places was about Libby being the sole survivor, after her brother Ben murdered her two older sisters and mother. Libby went on a witch hunt paid for by the Kill Club to contact people who they suspected had information regarding the night of the murders. The Day family technically had three survivors: Ben who was in prison, Runner the father, and Libby the lone survivor. Ben was fifteen years old when he was accused of killing his family. Runner was a drunk always begging his ex-wife Patty for money. He was a violent man who was immature and a terrible father. Libby was the youngest girl. Gillian included chapters leading up to the day of the murder, beginning with January 2nd. These were the most informative chapters. They helped develop Ben's frame of mind and the family's dynamics. Gillian executed an interesting and thought provoking storyline, but I still found myself bored at times. I was most fond of her concept of creating a detective out of Libby by using The Kill Club as inspiration. Libby's character was more concerned with the popularity of her family's murder and earning money from the interviews. Even though, Libby was seven years old when this took place Libby seemed quite detached from her family. Libby certainty became bitter and volatile at the mention of the Kill Club wanting to prove Ben's innocence, yet she was only interested in profiting by selling her story. Libby wasn't grieving the loss of her family nor interested in hearing from her brother Ben. Libby completely shut herself off from people unless they were willing to give her money. Quite a shallow and lazy character who had no drive in society. Libby seemed more interested in profiting from her families murder and using their deaths as a museum exhibit. Ben's character was fifteen years old when the murder took place. Ben's reminiscing came off bitter towards his sisters, mother, and father. Ben was bullied in school and teased by his girlfriend who was older than him. At fifteen Ben was desperate to become a man and to be treated as a man. I loved the concept of this storyline and the unique method used for detective work. However, I struggled with the execution. Mainly, I struggled with Libby's character who was lazy, agile, and indifferent. This town was quick to judge and lacked the necessary resources to investigate a murder case. “Everything’s a theory, that’s why it’s a mystery”. Favorite quote. Gillian told a heartwarming story about the Day family and their struggles on the farm. Ben being fifteen without a father and living with four women made him feel inadequate as the man of the house. Ben was bullied by kids at school and desperate to connect with people, yet the friends he made still bullied him. Patty was harassed by the bank for needing more money. Patty struggled to stay on top her loan payment. Money was hard to get when she was responsible for four children and a farm. Gillian painted the town of Kinnakee as these backward thinking people who were quick to judge. The people in Kinnakee ostracized the Day family with wild tales based on Patty's divorce, having four children, and being poor. Gillian packed this story with all kinds of action in one day. So many characters involved and so many clues, yet the investigators shut down the case quickly when they had Ben and Libby's confession. The story contained graphic bloody violent scenes. It also contained some graphic sex scenes.


I don't know how this book had negative reviews. I finished reading in two days and it kept me on my toes. I love her writing! Towards the end you figure it out, but the book had me guessing. The ending was too abrupt for me though. I just wish there was more. But definitely recommend!


I enjoyed reading it but some moments was too weird.