Strategic Moves PDF Download

Strategic Moves PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2011-01-18


What can I say ? Word for word Stuart Woods & Stone Barrington just keep us going !


Great read with lots of twists.

James Tidwell

Entertaining, fast moving!


A great read with exciting twist and turns


Sorry excuse for a book. Must have a contract that requires a minimum amount of words. That is achieved by tedious repetitive wording, that if there were an actual plotline involved, has no bearing on the outcome. Save the money and buy a real book with a real plot.


Stuart Woods has been a long time favorite author of mine. I'm sad to say that it feels like he is getting lazy with his books. Reoccurring characters are fine, I really enjoy the Stone B series. It just seems to me that reoccurring characters are being used from from other books to avoid character development. It was kind of interesting at first, but I would like to see something that I'm not expecting. His books are still fun to read, I'm just starting to get disappointed in the stories. Hoping things will change...

anthony king

Good build up of characters but a real let down as a finish


Should have listened to the negative reviews. Another writer apparently intent on churning out books to maximize income, without being sheepish about lack of heft. Felt like I had just started it and it was over. 99% dialogue. Very thin.

muk muk 18

rambling pointless book, i think woods is out of material!,,


Here's a Strategic Move for - don't buy it. Stuart Woods is clearly on automatic pilot here. Plots come and go in a couple of chapters. The story is incomprehensible. Highlight (?) is counting how many times the hero goes to Elaines. We lost count at twelve.


The book lacks descriptions, he doesn't set any scenes. It's just poorly written dialogue (would anyone actually say "I am kidding you not"?!?!). In short, it reminds me of a screen play my 16-year-old neighbor wrote over the summer. I forced myself through 10 chapters before deleting.


I'm a longtime Stuart Woods fan, yet his last two books have been very disappointing. Santa Fe Edge simply stopped right in the midst of three interesting sub-plots. In contrast I don't know what the plot was in Strategic Moves. No main story ever developed. I would not recommend purchasing either, but remain hopeful about the next Ed Eagle book finishing the stories developed in Santa Fe Edge, and the next Stone Barrington book meaningfully developing the new character introduced in Strategic Moves.