Savor the Moment PDF Download

Savor the Moment PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2010-04-27


The story is well stated and you can clearly visualize the relationship between the girls, their business and with their gym. You clearly visualize the perfectness of it all and how hard the heroines work towards their own happiness and succeed. AND Yet... Sorry. I love a good romance but this series is too long winded. The plot and characters are too contrived. They end up becoming superficial when they where clearly intended to be women of substance. Clearly not written by the author and if it was (she is my favorite author) she should go on a long vacation to regroup. I never expect her to come up with so many stories. I expect her to come up with fewer good ones and certainly not generic ones. You deserve a break Nora.


Good book


I've read all the books and this is by far my favorite!!! The story is absolutely brilliant!!!!! Buy this book you won't regret it.(you might want to read the other two first though)


I simply couldn't put down my iPad while reading this book. I read it in about 18 hours. I think this was the best book in the Bride Quartet!

Wedding dreamer

I love all of the books in this series. Didn't want to put it down.


Loved this book so much. Couldn't put it down...


Nora Roberts hasn't lost her touch at all! She manages to write great thriller novels with J.D Robb and them come do contemporary romance with such enjoyment! Worth every word read!

anyong aseo

I love Nora Roberts. Can't wait for the 4th book. Must read! It's sweet, funny, exciting. Although story line is a bit expected but still lovely. love love love!!


I just love all three books I'm waiting for the last one.


Love the series so far. Can't wait for the next book in Nov. The Quartet girls have beautiful relationships with each other. It makes me appreciate the relationships I have with my group of friends that much more! Thank you, Nora Roberts, for enhancing that for me.


I've read all three of the books available so far in this series and this is the best by far. Looking forward to the next installment.


I loved it! Just the right every thing to keep my interest and feel good. I can't wait for the sequel to come out in November!