Kisser PDF Download

Kisser PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2010-01-19

Started well...but :(

Mr. Woods hooked me from the start with the main plot in "Kisser." He had a dynamic and multidimensional character in Carrie Cox, a talented newcomer to Broadway with a mysterious past. I found myself turning pages to find out just what this girl's story really is and whether Stone's trust in her would come back to bight him, when the inexplicable happened. Woods completely dropped the thread of her story and launched into a rather overused subplot involving the daughter of a wealthy NY gallery owner. I kept waiting to see how this weaker plot would tie into the other and it never did! He followed the subplot through to its predictable ending, leaving the Cox story unsatisfactorily resolved. That's a real shame because I can think of a good handful of interesting twists that plot could have taken, and was dying to see where Woods would go with it. The answer, quite sadly, was nowhere.


I love the Stone Barrington series. As usual this has a cast of great characters with all the old standbys. A great read.


Love reading anything by Stuart Woods. Have read several of his books this summer including Kisser.


I hadn't read Stuart Woods in years but this book of his renewed my interest. Kisser is a fun weekend read. I have noticed that he seems to be putting out new books quickly and as such I think if less was published, more substance could be written. I do enjoy his stories though Looking forward to his upcoming book which I believe comes out this week.