Spellbound PDF Download

Spellbound PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2005-09-27


I read it completely while on a 3 hr flight back home. It was a great book.

A Diane Palmer fan

Is a wonderful modern fairytale come true.


Nora Roberts book spellbound is a awesome read... Well all her books are!👍🏻

Liliana's favorite books

As I read all of Nora Roberts book more than once. She writes as no other, keeps you entertained page after page, and makes you laugh and cry. She is simply the best!!!!!

Judith Ann Rynn

This book keeps you on pins and needles,which turns out to be one exciting book.

Ab Isaac

Could not put the book down.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel by Nora Roberts. This story kept my interest from beginning to end. I will look forward to reading another Nora Roberts novel. Gail

Sue Whalen

Thankfully short. A touch of the paranormal MAY be okay, but this story was total fluff.


I really enjoyed this quick read! The only thing I have to complain about is that is was too short!


Enjoyed this quick read.

China Tea Lady

This story was much shorter than I thought as I bought it on my iPad and didn't notice the number of pages. So if you're looking for a shorter-read, this is a really good one! It really left me guessing the ending and I'm pretty good at figuring them out! What I liked about this book is it reeled in some modern-day linked with the old Irish past, witches, etc., which gave it a bit of believability.


Love her stories of witches and spells and love.