Holidays on Ice PDF Download

Holidays on Ice PDF Download

By: David Sedaris
Genre: Humor, Religion & Spirituality
Relase Date: 2009-05-04


Funny stories!

Anthony Musumeci

I am a huge David Sedaris fan. I have read most of his books, this being the last one to go. While there were some fresh stories within, at least half are told in his other works. I ended up skipping half of the book.


Another fantastic blend of humor and memoir from David Sedaris. He has such a pleasant ability to tell life's stories in such a unique way, that you never get tired of reading them. In addition to his personal ordeals, he has a sprinkling of fictional holiday themed stories that do not fail to tickle. If this is your first Sedaris book, I think you will become a fast fan. I would recommend reading "When You Are Engulfed In Flames" as a follow-up to truly appreciate Davids gift of sharing life's lessons and inescapable realities. Although they all are truly great stories, my personal favorite stories in this book are: Six to Eight Black Men, Christmas Means Giving and The Cow and the Turkey.


Buy this book before Christmas! Enough said.