Rage PDF Download

Rage PDF Download

By: Bob Woodward
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Politics & Current Events
Relase Date: 2020-09-15


The stable genius’ own words are considered fake news by his loyal idiots. So happy Bob Woodward exposed this orange grifter. This is a good book. History won’t be kind to trump or his magat supporters, nor will the American people. We are sick of their chaos and destruction. Time to clean house!! BIDEN/HARRIS 2020


Best president in the history of America. Trump 2020👍👍


But they certainly need to. I think it’s hilarious the reviewers who call Woodward a Democrat. He’s Republican, or at least was before Trump. He has been critical of all administrations, Democrat and Republican. It’s just that this current president is so divisive and so catastrophically unfit for office, that this candid portrait of a chaotic White House would of course be negative; almost everyone who has quit or been fired, with the exception of a couple of sycophants, will tell you what a disaster he is. Woodward doesn’t have to paint a bad picture of Donald because Donald does that all by himself. If you’re a racist, of course you’ll want to back a president who believes and hates the way you do, so you’ll ignore the plethora of bad qualities this man exhibits on the daily.


This is just someone trying to help defeat President Trump in November. Its sad that so many Democrats want to overlook his accomplishments and put out garbage like this!

Doosh da

Excellent and unbiased. A testament to the type of journalistic ideals America is missing.


Trash rag by a political hack.


Joe Biden sniffs children and learned about roaches and kids jumping on his lap.


A poorly written slap-dash effort to cash in. Whether you love or hate Trump, you be better off saving your money.


Bob Woodward is about as relevant as Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The incoherent ramblings of a jealous old Marxist. Purchase the Paper copy to at least get some toilet paper during the pandemic as a digital copy is just feeding America’s enemy’s. Save America vote Trump 2020


How Trump can say things on tape admitting to his deceit and his cult still think he walks on water is a testament to their lack of critical thinking. Biden 2020


Buy to read the truth. So many salty tears by these trump cultists on here! Trump is a failure in every way. Anyone with a brain can see that.


Mr. Woodward has exposed the conniving grifting moron that the orange idiot is. His sycophants are pathetic trash. Our democracy is being shredded by ignorance. God save the real Americans. 🗳⚖️🇺🇸