Fear PDF Download

Fear PDF Download

By: Bob Woodward
Genre: Political Science, Politics & Current Events
Relase Date: 2018-09-11


The bias is so blatently obvious. Don't waste your time or $


Another leftist author. Should be writing books on the real enemies Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler, Biden, Harris, Booker etc.. Tired of the bs. No facts. Just covering up for the real crooks.


Boring and unsubstantiated.


I love coming back to this book every few years just to read the reviews of angry MAGAts. It’s genuinely makes me smile, seeing these braindead sheep cry about a book reporting on everything the idiot in office, has done. Anyways, keep writing books that make them mad, it’s very enjoyable. Sincerely, An educated person :)


It was a slow boring read. It was just biased & showed.


After reading this it’s very clear to me that all these 1 star reviews claiming “not factual” are just die hard Trump supporters that know nothing about Bob Woodward, and believe all 16,000+ of Trumps lies despite them being obvious or debunked lies. I read this book after reading WaPo’s fact check team’s book on the Trump administration as well. The books tend to back each other up in major key areas. Bob Woodward is not a biased writer, he wrote some embarrassing books for almost all Presidents of our time since Nixon. It is a must-read if you care about this country at all.


I think you should spend your money elsewhere!

five star z

Super interesting look at Trumps White House. I’d recommend it.


Absolute garbage.. found this to be full of ideas twisted to fit an agenda


Facts over feelings


An inside look in the Trump White House that is completely free of bias. Woodward is very sure to use quotes around the phrases he obtained from “on the record” content, and then somehow manages a way to finish a phrase even if it might have been from an anonymous source. It’s truly a smart way of showing what real people think about the president and the situation going on in the White House, while Woodward covers his own skin so we won’t be accused of libel.

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Thanks papa and my brother have been watching this video for all my life ever since I was on the radio station for the first time since