Fear PDF Download

Fear PDF Download

By: Bob Woodward
Genre: Political Science, Politics & Current Events
Relase Date: 2018-09-11

five star z

Super interesting look at Trumps White House. I’d recommend it.


Absolute garbage.. found this to be full of ideas twisted to fit an agenda


Facts over feelings


An inside look in the Trump White House that is completely free of bias. Woodward is very sure to use quotes around the phrases he obtained from “on the record” content, and then somehow manages a way to finish a phrase even if it might have been from an anonymous source. It’s truly a smart way of showing what real people think about the president and the situation going on in the White House, while Woodward covers his own skin so we won’t be accused of libel.

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Thanks papa and my brother have been watching this video for all my life ever since I was on the radio station for the first time since


Further confirmation of why the trump administration is the rolling dumpster fire that it is. Whether the Donald was a successful real estate developer is debatable but it surely didn’t prepare him to be a successful president. He lacks the character, temperament, and intelligence for the office. For sure we have problems and blame enough to go around, the Donald is not the savior, It will take decades to clean up his mess. When the economy sputters he will deny and deflect responsibility but eventually even his loyal supporters will understand they’ve been duped by this con man, serial liar, and narcissist. Trump will be recorded as the most inept president in our history and the the jerk that he is.


More factual the author doesn’t bash Trump he lets the facts speak for themselves. Very informative book.


Great book and I’m still a trump supporter 2020!!!!!!


Sometimes reporters investigate, gather facts, and tell a story. Woodward opts to just let a handful of sources blather out their hero stories, without much analysis. So John Dowd wanted a vehicle to poor-mouth Mueller and make his case that Trump has done nothing wrong - but just is amply a serial liar. There is no other voices to assess Dowd’s coarse legal analysis. Woodward just recites it, including every Trump gush about what a great lawyer Dowd is. Even the example Dowd gives of the former Galleon hedge Fund manager who was a poor witness goes by without acknowledgement that Raj was a sleazy inside trader and a Dowd failed spectacularly at trial. The Dowd chapters are but a plant by a Dowd to brag and serve his client while demeaning Mueller - who won’t leak to defend himself. Trump must have approved of Dowd sharing the leaked conversations between he and Trumo, lest Dowd would be facing serious ethical consequences. Woodward got used, and so did I buying this recitation of Trump insiders who found a willing transcriber of their self-serving soliloquies.


This book is a joke.


Another well written book my acclaimed author Bob Woodward. I must admit, I found it difficult to put this book down. Fascinating what happens behind the scenes and the chaotic situation unfolding in the White House. Thank you Bob for asking the tough questions.


Each page is a revelation! If you don’t read this book, you are not seeing how the USA can be ruined by a very small group of people and a narcissist. The people around Trump should be ashamed and history will treat them VERY poorly.