My Best Friend's Soldier - Complete Series PDF Download

My Best Friend's Soldier - Complete Series PDF Download

By: J. Richards
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-05-18


Great read! Couldn’t put it down. Wish there was more.


I really enjoy this book, keep you on your toes. Can't wait to see what happens next. Wish the ending was a little more but over all you really connected with the characters. Hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did. ( Tracy )

Peeked interest

Hot, sweet, sexy story really touched me. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I'm glad Keylee has found love and happiness in the arms of this charming soldier.

Vv vvvv

It's best book of all time and gifted writer of all time.

Tamara Lewis051917

Book one took me sometime to get into it but once I was into it has purchased the complete series, it was a good read and in certain parts I felt my self getting a little tearful. I wouldn’t mind another book with Them getting married and starting a family.


Great series! I couldn’t put it down. It gave a look into the lives of those whose loved ones deploy overseas and what it is like for those left behind. Sexy love story.


Minor spelling and grammar mistakes but overall a good steamy read!


This is a “best friend’s brother “ love story. The brother in question happens to be military, and Keylee doesn’t date soldiers. Trent isn’t taking no For an answer and he will pursue Keylee with everything he’s got!


I’m serious. This is going to be a giant success. I loved every bit of this series!!


I really enjoyed this book Kaylee and Trent’s love story was romantic and relatable. Kaylee’s loneliness and fear were a psychological issue that most people that have and lost can relate to.