Once Upon A Wild Fling PDF Download

Once Upon A Wild Fling PDF Download

By: Lauren Blakely
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-10-08


I'm a total Heartbreakers groupie!! This book was full of my personal kryptonite. Sexy, single dad? Check. Heroine who is the sister of hero's friend? Check. Adorable kid? Check. I couldn't stop smiling and swooning while reading this book. I loved it from start to finish-and didn't want to see it end. Roxy was such a fun character for me. I think she had such a unique story to tell and I love how the Author told it. She's smart, sassy and determined. Not to mention, she's strong and determined to march to the beat of her own drum to get things done. I absolutely loved her. I adored watching her interact with Miles, too. Life threw her a curveball and I enjoyed seeing how she handled it. Miles. Oh. My. Miles. Yes, he's mine. He is such an amazing book boyfriend. Sexy, funny, sweet and did I mention sexy? I'd love to be on the receiving end of some texts from Miles. He had my heart from the start. He's such a nice guy, and with that sexy streak? He's definitely a chicken magnet...and I just loved him. I have to mention Ben. Some Authors mention that a character has a child and then they're kind of an afterthought. That's not the case here. I love how Ben interacts with both Miles and Roxy-and how he explains things in the way that only a child can. He was adorable and I loved him. So I love the first kiss couples share. I wait anxiously for it, truly. The first kiss in this book? Oh my! So hot and sexy I was fanning myself while I read it. The connection these two have is so tangible. I enjoyed watching them flirt and fall for one another. It felt so completely natural. Do they have hot sex? Absolutely. But what they have outside the bedroom is just as important and I loved seeing them navigate what a relationship would be like. The banter between these two? Perfection. I love how they flirt and talk to one another. Like I said, I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of some texts from Miles. I fully believed everything these two said to each other-both in words and actions. The supporting characters here are fantastic. It was great to catch up with the characters from the previous books (if you haven't read the others in the series you can still enjoy this. It is a standalone!). I have to admit the relationship between Roxy and her Mom was portrayed so perfectly and I think it's one everyone will be able to relate to-I know I did. The pacing here was perfect. The plot was one I didn't see coming and I really enjoyed it. I truly didn't want to see this book end but I know this is a series I'll come back and reread over and over, so this wasn't a goodbye, it was a see you soon. I absolutely loved this book, and series. It's romcom perfection! I laughed, smiled and swooned my way through it. I will absolutely reread this over and over. I highly recommend this book and this series.


A sexy, handsome, rock star with a soft spot for fiery redheads is a no brainer. This awesomely wicked story is just that a classic rom-com featuring sexy Miles and a vivaciously sexy sister of his best friend Roxy. This is their story of laughter and love. Lauren has outdone herself. The passion in which these characters come to life is remarkable and you can’t wait to see their journey, but when you finish the book you want more....


Swooooon! These Heartbreaker men have totally taken over my heart!! Once Upon a Wild Fling is every bit the sweet, sexy, warm, fun, smile inducing romance we've come to expect from Lauren Blakely. I seriously am so in love with these books. They're just really great feel good stories I can't get enough of. Miles is total dream man material. It feels like Lauren Blakely wandered into my mind, picked out all the qualities I find attractive in a hero and gave them to the youngest Heartbreaker. With his musicality, his good guy persona and his raw sex appeal, I had no choice but to fall for Miles Hart. Every book in this series features a parent/guardian and child relationship that melts the heart but I have to say the bond in Once Upon a Wild Fling is my favorite. Miles and his little adorable boy, Ben, are so freaking cute. They're the perfect little team. Roxy is equally as impressive as Miles. We first met her in Once Upon a Real Good Time. From there on I knew I was going to love her. She's so independent, strong and fun. I love that she goes after her dreams even if it means she does it on her own. My favorite thing about her is the relationship she has with Miles's son Ben. She cares and loves him so genuinely. It's the sweetest thing. I ADORED Miles and Roxy and their unbelievably wonderful chemistry. They compliment each other so well. The flirting was on point. Lauren Blakely did a fantastic job building the connection. Because their relationship was a bit forbidden - with her being his buddy/financial advisor's sister plus, a certain decision Roxy made before they began their "plus one" partnership - it made their journey so much more addicting. I don't want to spoil anything but I want to say, the way Miles cares for Roxy and supports her decision is so incredibly swoony. These Heartbreaker books are everything!! EVERYTHING!! I don't think I could recommend these books enough. Lauren Blakely has outdone herself. I can confidently say all three of the books are top favorite reads of 2018.


There are only about a dozen authors whose books are an automatic purchase for me, and Lauren Blakely is at the top of my list because I know I’m guaranteed to fall in love with her characters while they stumble and eventually fall in love with each other. I lost my heart to Miles because he’s a terrific single father, a great sibling and a sexy rock star but he always puts the welfare of his young son first. And how could you not love Roxy’s business acumen, her love of animals and her delightfully quirky personality? I loved every flirty smile, sexy text and sizzling touch between Roxy and Miles and I guarantee you’re going to fall in love with these characters just as much as I did. I read an early copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.

Fairest Reviews

Lauren Blakely’s Heartbreakers series has been a blast reading, but more than that, it’s such a feel good set of stories that readers can’t help but gush over them because, of course, the heroes and heroines are dynamically amazing, but also because the insanely cute and precocious kids as well as a slew of secondary characters add so much to each and every story line. The Hart brothers, while all unique, are a trio of intelligent, hardworking, grounded, and attractive men whose love of music and showmanship made them a huge success and continue to allow them to live comfortably while also laying down roots. Campbell and Miller are amazing heroes in their own right, but I have to say that their younger brother, Miles, definitely owns my heart. What I love most about Miles is that he’s a genuinely nice person who cares about other people and treats people with the respect and attention they deserve. There’s just something about a sexy rocker who doesn’t want to be known for his music or his looks; he wants the focus to be on who he is as a father and as a human being and Lauren Blakely does a great job illustrating what’s important to Miles and the steps that he took and continues to take to put what matters most at the forefront of his life. Roxy is an amazing heroine - one who made a series of decisions based on her OWN wants and needs, and I love that she focused on how she wanted her life to be and then went about making the changes necessary for that kind of life. She’s quirky and entertaining, and she makes everyone in her presence feel like they matter. I loved being inside her head and listening to her work out her feelings for Miles and what that would mean for them, especially with her pregnant status and the fact that she believes going alone is the best way for her and her unborn child. Miles and Roxy’s ‘plus-one’ agreement is the ideal situation for these two when it comes to their aversion to dating and commitment, but the fact that they so easily connect and revel in their time together also speaks to how wrong both of them are in thinking any kind of relationship would never work because it’s more about not finding the right person, but now that they seem to have found the one who ‘gets’ them in ways that no one else has, the only thing stopping them from moving forward is their fears and their stubbornness, and I love how Lauren Blakely allows Miles and Roxy to slowly chip away at their hesitancies by creating situations where their plus-one agreement is needed, forcing them, on numerous occasions, to see what’s right in front of them. Once Upon a Wild Fling is an absolute MUST READ romance; I loved the slow burn feel of the story line, which is more than appropriate given Miles’ feelings for his ex and Roxy’s current knocked-up condition, but, in the end, it’s more than clear that Miles and Roxy add so much to each other’s lives and become an irreplaceable part of one another’s family, and it’s the idea of family and its invaluable position in their lives that resonates from the pages of all three Hart brothers’ stories, and as their family dynamics are shaken up and added to, it’s quite obvious that they wouldn’t want it any other way. 5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)


Once Upon a Wild Fling is Miles’s story and it was an interesting one. A single dad and a rockstar-what can be more hot?! He is the last single Hart brother and Roxy is the best friend of his brother’s girlfriend and sister of his financial manager. Miles and Roxy had that attraction that couldn’t be acted upon. They were content to stay in each other’s lives by being friends. But what happens at a high school reunion doesn’t stay at a high school reunion. But when their attraction becomes out in the open-what will become of it? I enjoyed the angle that Lauren took with this book. It was a bit of slow burn and I couldn’t wait to see how Miles and Roxy would navigate through all their predicaments. Miles and Roxy had that sweet and fun friendship. Their interactions and banter were great. They were such a cute couple. I enjoyed reading their time together and seeing their relationship progress. I loved the bond between Miles and his son Ben. Miles was so devoted to him and their relationship was the best. I also enjoyed seeing the other two brothers-Campbell and Miller and their ladies. The bond between everyone is fantastic and when the Hart brothers are together it is spectacular. I liked every part of this story. It was a sweet and wonderful read. If you enjoy a single dad/rockstars/friends-t0-lovers delightful romance then this book is for you. All of the Heartbreaker books are good! The Hart brothers aka the Heartbreakers rock!


Out of all the books in the Heartbreakers Series, Once Upon a Wild Fling was my favorite. I absolutely loved them all, so that’s saying a lot. Miles Hart is the youngest of the Hart brothers. He definitely watched and learned how to make a woman swoon from his voice to his thoughtfulness. Not to mention his devastatingly good looks and the fact that he’s an amazing dad. Roxy is a strong independent woman who hasn’t had the best of luck in love. She is best friends with Mackenzie, who is Miles’ brothers Campbell’s fiancé. Roxy’s brother is also Miles’ financial advisor and good friend. She immediately fell for Miles and his son Ben, but knew she was on a path that made a relationship impossible. Watching the development from friends to more was wonderful. This is the sweetest love story. It has all the Lauren Blakely steam and humor, but it just melted me!