Killing the SS PDF Download

Killing the SS PDF Download

By: Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard
Genre: History, Military
Relase Date: 2018-10-09

A. M. McDonagh

The authors did an excellent job of weaving the individual stories together to make the transitions in this book easy to follow. I did feel the ending to the book was somewhat abrupt but the in-depth Prologue did a nice job of filling in the gaps. This book also does a nice job of leading the reader to other sources, so if the reader wants to dig deeper into one of the subjects written about in this book, I would start by reading the books used as sources for this book. This was the first book in the “Killing series’’ I have read and based on this book, I do plan to read “Killing Patton”.


A fan of WWII history, especially the rise and fall of the Third Reich, I was excited to read this book based on mostly positive reviews. I have read books and articles about the hunt for Nazis, and thought this would be a good addition, especially considering the focus on the SS. I learned a few new things, but found the book poorly written and sometimes hard to follow, as it seemed to be thrown together quickly without creating much suspense around the hunt and capture of these criminals. The stories of the famous Nazis such as Eichmann, Mengele, Borman and Barbie did not add much new material, especially around the network of groups who aided and abetted their escape, such as the Catholic Church. There was some new information, such as the stories of female camp guards that might make the investment worthwhile.


Great book, it was also a quick read.




Interesting historical report of German and Jewish survival skills before and after World War Two Hard to believe so many people could be so cruel to other human beings


I have read all the Killing books. I enjoyed them all. Bought this one as soon as I saw it. Very disappointed. I don’t feel the topic or maybe how it was written warranted a Killing book. Kept wanting more and then it just ended. I have missed O’Reilly on Fox, but I won’t be so quick to buy his next book. Just didn’t work for me. Sorry. Maybe it should have been Killing Hitler and The SS

Against socialism

Amazing like the rest of them

Dan Vermilion

I have enjoyed almost all of the “Killing . . .” Books. This one, however, is based on hear-say, rumor, and propaganda. Some of the stories — such as the actions of the dogs at the women’s camp — sound like a bad movie script, made up. The book is only fair, not up to the “Killing . . .” Standards.


Worst of the Killing series. Disjointed hodgepodge.


If you beoeive for a second that Bill O’Reilly wrote a single word of this or any book I have a bridge to sell you.


Book begins on page 33 and ends at 365, has many pages of filler. No revelations, somewhat disjointed, and just reiterates known information. A poor addition to what has been a very good series that’s now progressively descending into poor work. Save your money.


A terrific and most necessary read. O’Reilly, again, has researched and put together critical historical information in a way that is at once riveting, informative, educational and enjoyable. This book should be a must read in high school history class....but it will not be. Young people of today are being taught by omission, to think of the world as a potential global fantasyland. That a strong America is a deterrent from that fairy tale. They are being led to believe evil of the nature outlined in this book no longer exists; and in fact, our clueless youth don’t understand that this sort of evil ever existed and is in fact ready to raise its ugly head wherever weak and naive people close their eyes and ears. This book is so very important as it lays out how these monsters managed to gain control and what they were willing to do to keep it. And shamefully how western countries refused to see and act on the problem until six million perished and even then did not totally commit to eradication of anti semitism even today.