Calypso PDF Download

Calypso PDF Download

By: David Sedaris
Genre: Humor, Nonfiction
Relase Date: 2018-05-29




Within the first 3 pages I was laughing out loud. What an enjoyable read.

Blind Zeppelin

This is the second book I read of Sedaris. I wouldn’t have finished the book if my impression of the first book was not positive. I was very disappointed with the self important tone, the stories that have no real insights or any depth. They were mostly not witty of funny either. I was particularly repulsed by the newly rich shopping spree in Japan, and the juvenile potty humor. He certainly lost his way in this book. It was a waste of my time.


The book is an easy read and is pretty funny in parts, but I didn’t see if there was any point the author was trying to make, if at all. I am not sure if there is anything I learnt from the book overall.

Mommy's Night Out

I like David Sedaris’ writing style. It’s easy to read, flows nicely from sentence to sentence. Usually I enjoy his writing. This book was dark. Heavy. Sad. And not funny or humorous. Sure, there is a passage here or there that offers a chuckle. Overall, I felt sad for him and his family. An alcoholic dead mother, a bipolar dead sister, a pack rat, hoarding barely alive mean old SOB father, greedy sisters, and a mostly out of the picture brother. That 6 grown siblings could produce only 1 daughter/niece between them is a testament to dysfunction. And the opening chapters of excess just made me mad. A house in England, a spur of the minute beach house purchase on OBX, shopping sprees in Japan for crap no one needs. It’s like his narcissistic ego is saying, “Look at me! I’ve made it as an author! I have money to blow and you don’t.” What exactly makes him better than Trump then? He refused to see his sister, divides his house into mine (better) and the rest of the family (worse), gloats about his too hard, writer’s life existence. I really wanted to enjoy this book, but just couldn’t.


It was ok, mildly sarcastic and humorous but I’m surprised it’s so high on the Bestseller list. I’d skip this one if I had it to do over again.


It’s okay book, not one of his best. Disappointingly, a couple of stories revolve around ever predictable Trump bashing. Everyone does it now, so it’s no longer unique or funny. It’s a shame, he used to be both.


I have been asked at every restaurant that I am eating at...what are you reading!?


An awesome book that tells stories that everyone can relate to in one way or another. Cannot recommend this book enough!!


Simply stated, I forced myself to read only a chapter a day because I didn’t want to reach the end. David is a storyteller who is naked to the world. Love it,


I will never purchase or read another David Sedaris book after seeing how small minded and cruel he is to his father. I also disliked all the “potty humor” in this book. Pretty base.


A great summer read for those in need of some comic-relief. The author’s father sums it up tidily: “FANtastic!”