Desperate Measures PDF Download

Desperate Measures PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-10-16


Wow. Talk about mailing it in. Used to be entertaining, but between this book and Severe Clear, they both read like a junior high assignment. Hard to come out with so many books and maintain quality, I guess.


I was so disappointed. This book reads like it was written hastily for an audience of illiterates. It was so cheesy and second-rate that I could not force myself to finish it. Stuart should be ashamed of peddling this book as literature. I wasted my $14.99 on this book.


Did someone exhume the initial book in Stone Barrington series, New York Dead?


While thoroughly enjoying this series...I do sometimes wish Stone would be somewhat more loyal to the women who appears at frequent intervals.