Bad Blood PDF Download

Bad Blood PDF Download

By: John Carreyrou
Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Business & Personal Finance
Relase Date: 2018-05-21


Revolutionary reductions revealed: a riveting read!


Silicon Valley tends to view the next big thing with blinders on, where the true value of the investment is essentially negated. Hype over reality...


Glad to see crooks being out away by amazing journalist who went after the truth. Too bad his big boss (ironically the founder of idiotic #fakenews) lost money along the way(#justice). For once we see #notfakenews. This is the reason to love America. And believe in seeking truth.


Could not put this down. Excellent


The book describes how courageous people worked with an investigative reporter to shed light on the ways a manipulative person conned an industry, people in high places and investors. Great page turner and very well written


I have followed the saga of Theranos since well before Mr. Carreyrou’s first WSJ article raising the alarm bells. While I was skeptical of Theranos’ claims it’s a long way though from being dubious to proving a fraud. Yet, when you read the list of smart, sophisticated investors who were fooled, some for what appears to be age-old reasons, it’s amazing how many would not abide the truths right in front of them. Carreyrou points out the story wouldn’t been written absent a tip. Ok, thanks for the honesty, but all the deep digging still had to be done and was done, both on the WSJ articles and this book. Here’s why this book is important to read imo: - It restores faith in people’s integrity as you learn about then-Theranos employees standing up to Elizabeth Holmes, Sunny Balwani and their very disturbing lawyers’ tactics of intimidation. - You are reminded that “if it’s too good to be true” that such is good advice. Moreover, some will go to any lengths to obscure the truth and the consequences be damned. - This is what real investigative journalism should look like. I am not a Rupert Murdoch fan in general but he stood behind his editors who stood behind their reporter - and what was at stake was so important- Theranos was playing Russian Roulette with peoples’ lives with spurious test results. They needed to be stopped. I could go on but you get the point. This was the “medical Madoff” except, at least , Bernie had the appropriate credentials. Holmes was a dropout without any serious training or knowledge of her field. So, you ask how did Theranos get so far as to be valued at $9B and how did it avoid detection for so long? Answer: Read a deeply-researched book and then ask yourself if Elizabeth Holmes is a sociopath or just a deeply-flawed individual who lost her compass? And as to Sunny, well, “deeply-flawed” just isn’t adequate. There is more yet to be written about Theranos as criminal inquiries remain as of now in progress. Time will tell but thanks to Mr. Carreyrou and all who came forward in taking this fraud down - lives no doubt were saved in the process.


One of the most amazing stories of recent times. Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny now need to go to jail. A disservice to honest and hardworking entrepreneurs. Carreyou got a new fan. Excellent work!


This book was a non-stop intense ride through a story that was the very best I have ever read. When I think about it being non-fiction, it becomes even more enticing! It is so compelling, that I couldn’t let it rest for more than a few hours. Unbelievable that these people were able to ensnare the amount of money and the so very big names into the belief in a company that had truly nothing to offer to the public.


I had never heard of Elizabeth Holmes until yesterday when I clicked on a news link from my FB feed. I instantly wanted to know more and Google got me to Carreyrou’s account of the rise and fall of this company. I read the sample and just had to read the rest. I don’t usually buy ebooks too often but this one is well worth the money. You will not be able to put this book down. I finished this book in less than 24 hours because it was so interesting and so well written. Carreyrou is an excellent writer. I can’t recommend this book enough!


This is an amazing and detailed look into Theranos, its young and naive CEO who strove for success no matter who she hurt or what damage it did and its manchild of a president/COO who tried to rule the company and its employees through fear and intimidation. Definitely worth a read


Couldn’t put it down, looking forward to the movie.

K Noisewater

Well written and meticulously researched. These cases of fraud are always shocking, but none others like this. The scope, scale and brazenness of this deception boggle the mind. I only hope that criminal indictments of the darling couple soon follow.