Bad Blood PDF Download

Bad Blood PDF Download

By: John Carreyrou
Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Business & Personal Finance
Relase Date: 2018-05-21

Elsa G$

Bad Blood paints a vivid picture of the Theranos scam. It is an incredible story!


This read was great despite the disappointing, selfish and downright illegal actions of Theranos and it’s founder. At times the story read like it was made up it was so unbelievable! The entire time I could only think Elizabeth Holmes was the world’s best salesperson. Good for the honest people out there bringing this story to light especially with the harassment, scare tactics and personal costs. It’s a shame Elizabeth’s desires and wishes were not reality. What a game changer had it been!


I am a constant reader of many types of books. I am not a fan of this type of story but I saw the author on Jim Cramer’s show, “Mad Money” and , being in the medical field, it caught my attention. I am in awe of all that Mr. Carreyrou did to tell this story accurately. I could feel the fear and hopelessness of the people who were caught in Holmes and Sunny’s sites. Carreyrou acted as a true investigative reporter and professional by delving deeply and thoroughly into all parties and facts - leaving no stone unturned. After I finished the book I felt as though I was there as it happened. Started it this past Saturday and finished it the next day. Truly hard to put down. I can only hope this woman spends many years behind bars for all the lives she ruined and for the one that was lost. Thank you, Mr. Carreyrou for righting a grave wrong.


There are not many non fiction books that are real page turners, but John Carreyrou’s journey through the rise and fall of Theranos is just that. Very topical and a real cautionary tale for anyone who is interested in investing in “the next best thing”.


Best book I ever read!


Must read.

Grandpa 42

A gripping TRUE tale of corporate greed at the potential expense of thousands of innocent victims. Caught in the nick of time. Great read!

joe mandato

A powerful and important tale of arrogance, hubris and stupidity on the part of the pretenders looking to reinvent the world of medical testing, a noble cause, without having a clue on how to do it and their defenders, who merit being disbarred from the legal profession.


I had heard of Holmes and her scam but this is way more in depth and a great read than the generic media made it seem. I couldn’t put it down. Excellent read.


So, a smart, good-looking blonde woman, Stanford dropout is a con artist , up there with Bernie Madoff, She took her super-sophisticated investors for BILLIONS , all the while becoming the darling of the broadcast media and glossy business magazines. The author, a WSJ reporter, pursued the story in spite of multiple threats. This is a modern day crime drama, all true. Wonder how Elizabeth will look in an orange jumpsuit!

Storm ID. MayorBilly

Fascinating look at possibly the greatest fraud not committed by Bernie Madoff and Enron, this book provides the shocking details behind “Theranos” and the lengths to which one person will go to achieve fame and fortune. From her fake deep voice to her “Look I’m Steve Jobs”, black turtlenecks; Elizabeth Holmes was never the genuine article and neither was her “Edison” fraud box. The details of her scam are here as well the inevitable downfall. From start to finish, this book reveals the many character flaws of the human experience, greed, immorality, jealousy and redemption for the poor workers who were threatened, harassed and in some cases separated from family by Elizabeth Holmes. I would’ve paid twice the amount for this novel and thanks to the Rupert Murdoch for letting the truth come out despite owning $100 million on the line. Thanks goes to John, the author, who makes no judgements and only presents the facts in an enjoyable ride through the company history. Let’s hope this woman who hurt patients and investors alike is properly shunned and forced to live inside a prison for some years as an example to others thinking of trying the same thing.

Burro tonto

Excellent read. It reflects on the state of medicine in the world today. Such a simple idea generates a billion dollars but is worthless. Medical care, cost, quality, providing medical care to all these are the issues but we spend big bucks on a lab test that never worked. Thank you for exposing the "Bad Blood". George J Murillo , MD Spring, tx