Spymaster PDF Download

Spymaster PDF Download

By: Brad Thor
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-07-03

bretton d

Four stars as a few books in the series were easily more engaging. The ending, however, is excellent. Excited for the next book.


Signs of the current era should bring the events described in this novel close to every reader. Hard to put down. Thank-you Brad for a GREAT read.


Brad Thor is a consummate writer of suspense so realistic as to make one wonder whether it truly is fiction. His attention to detail and historical facts lends credence to the characters he has created. Scott Horvath is one of the most cunning characters ever written about. I enjoy every book by this outstanding author.


Dumb plot and poorly written


As usual, another “winner” fir Brad Thor! Each chapter leaves you hanging just enough to make you want to read the next chapter. I would convince myself that I would read a few sentences in the next chapter. A chapter later I would say the same thing. Great book that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Best Thor book yet!


I have read all of Brad Thor’s books and have never been disappointed. This one is one of his best. I couldn’t put it down. The level of research he does, makes his books the stars of the genre.


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Panda 1984

It was boring compared to the rest of his books. The rest of his books are action packed. This book really does not get interesting until the last two pages. Brad Thor used Trump’s reference through the book of “fake news.”

Bavarian Hillbilly

Another great Scot Harvath book. One of the few authors that I have liked all the books in a series.


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