Part-Time Lover PDF Download

Part-Time Lover PDF Download

By: Lauren Blakely
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-06-01


Christian and Elise consumed me from the beginning.. it was fate that got them together after being away for a year. There story made me laugh at there ideas there chemistry was off the charts and how deeply and secretly u can fall.. loved it


Once again Lauren Blakely delivers an emotional yet funny HEA!


Christian and Elise "meet" under some unusual circumstances-I enjoyed that this was set in another country and the way that Christian and Elise's relationship transpires. They both are individuals who have experienced some great pain with previous relationships and try to overcome this to be together.


Hero with a British accent! Do I need to say more! Lauren Blakely gives us all the feels plus truly laugh out loud moments. Christian and Elise join Griffin and Joy as memorable couples. Highly recommend the Audible version to listen while you read.


Lauren Blakely does it again as she has readers like myself swooning hard in her latest release, Part Time Lover. British accent. Check. Sexy storyline. Check. Charismatic characters. Check. So yes, you can say I am big fan of this book. It had everything I wanted in a light sweet, romantic and playful storyline. With sexual attraction brimming between the two characters, readers like myself are emotionally invested as Christian and Elise morphed their friendship into something more than a marriage of convenience. So if you are looking for a book and audiobook that will pull heartstrings and have you swooning like crazy then Part Time Lover is the book for you this summer.


Great! I cried a few times.....happy tears. Love this story.


This book is the best. Elsie and Christopher are perfect. Christopher knows what he wants and goes after it barring any inhibition. Else is the same only doesn’t proceed as risky. Throughout the entire story both of these characters make you laugh, love, and ponder happiness. There Friday night arrangement is comical and there dedication to their careers make them very down to earth and relatable. This is a book I’ll read again.


Part-Time Lover is a sexy and swoony romantic story. It’s starts out with a missed connection but fate has other ideas. After some bad experiences, Elise is not looking for love or a long term commitment but she can’t deny the chemistry with Christian. What starts out as sort of a friends with benefits type of arrangement turns into a temporary marriage of convenience. These characters were introduced in a previous book, but the story can definitely be read as a standalone. This was actually my very first Lauren Blakely book (but will not be my last!)! The audiobook narration is just amazing, swoony accents and all! A great ‘credit-worthy’ listen! -4.5 Stars!!-

Lisa Somerville

Part-Time Love is told in DPOV by Elise and Christian, this is a sweet Second Chance Romance! "He's built for sin, yet safe for my heart." Christian and Elise captured each others hearts while was on a boat tour and he was doing handstands naked on the canal. They were suppose to meet up, but each went to the wrong place since there were to places in town with similar names. Elise was flying home the next day, and as "fate" would have it Christian also happened to be on that same flight, but thought there was no way the girl in first class could have been his Elise, or could it? Fast forward..."Little did I know I'd meet him again, a year later, at a secret garden bar in the heart of the city, where I'd learn that his mind and his mouth were even more captivating. But given the way my heart had been trampled, I wanted only a simple deal - No strings. No expectations." Elise and Christian came to an agreement, which worked out well, until they both realized they needed a lot more from each other. Elise doesn't like to mix business with pleasure, but she needed some expert advice from Christian and he needed her to marry him in order to help his brother save the company their grandfather built. Elise agrees to the marriage and Christian keeps telling her it's all because of fate that things are happening. Elise doesn't believe in fate, yet they find themselves falling in love with each other. "Love is a terrifying choice. That's why I've built walls. He wasn't suppose to tear them down. I wasn't supposed to let him knock them to rubble with his kisses, and his tender touches, ans his sweet and dirty and thoughtful ways with me." The chemistry between Elise and Christian is hot until his brother decides to open his mouth. This pushes Elise away and she feels that her heart is breaking, yet she doesn't know the truth about how Christian really feels. "I need to give her a chance to figure out what I've already learned; we could be more than a deal." Lauren has a fabulous writing style and you'll love this second chance romance filled with chemistry and flirty sexy banter from Elise and Christian!


Blakely writes terrific summer reads, light romances that are funny and sexy, with swoony, lovable characters. Part Time Lover is one such story. Elise and Christian first encounter each other when she is on a sightseeing tour boat in Copenhagen and Christian is doing naked handstands on a dock. Seemingly fated to be together, they meet again a year later in Paris. Both are guarded due to hurtful past relationships. Will they be able to move on and find their happily ever after?

Amanda Koziczkowski

Christian is ridiculously swoony and I just love him! I love the back and forth that him and Elise have. They have a very enjoyable connection and one of the funniest first meetings ever. They connect well on so many levels and have such a bond. I really liked the way fate was brought into the story a lot. They do have to kind of relationship that is plain old fate. They make too much sense to not be. Both of them were really interesting to read about and the storyline was so enjoyable. The book has great sexy time and some really cute moments between them. Such a great read!


Who else but Lauren Blakely could dream up a storyline where the hero and heroine meet when he’s flashing his stunning family jewels for her and a boatload of tourists on a canal in Copenhagen? I absolutely adore everything Lauren writes because she has such a vivid imagination and because she’s so prolific I don’t have to wait long to find out what else is brewing in her orgasmic imagination. Christian is a very confidant man with tons of charisma and even though Elise wants nothing to do with love, fate is determined to play its part by bringing them together. Expect lots of flirtatious banter and sexy shenanigans with a European flair that guarantees a 5 star romance filled adventure. I read an early copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.