Tom Clancy Line of Sight PDF Download

Tom Clancy Line of Sight PDF Download

By: Mike Maden
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-06-12

maine 17

Non-stop action and intrigue. Complex plot twists and complicated characters. A great read.


His Jack Jr. character is supposed to be young but has the internal sentiments of a man who’s sperm count doesn’t match his unrealistic sense of his sexual vitality... that said I enjoyed the balkans history and food reviews. More of this and less of the BS... The other characters left something to be desired - development was pretty poor - bad guys not very believable or particularly frightening. The idea that idiot cousin could successfully shoot down an airliner was a real eye roller - even in the “anything’s possible” world of fiction. The Turkish angle could have been better developed given historical context and current affairs. I found it odd that the Russians, as a side plot, far more terrifying... not exactly what you would want here... I get that they were a plot decoy but maybe should have toned them down slightly.


Clancy character but not Clancy. Still a great read.


Plot development was painfully slow with only snippets of Tom Clancy-like action. Character development was ragged. Overall, a poor read relative to other efforts in the Clancy-Ryan genre by this author.


Great book. Well done in the Clancy tradition

AAPL Freak

As a Clancy fan, this was a major disappointment. Extremely slow. Way too much focus on the history and environment; hey Maden, we get it, you traveled to Bosnia and liked it. But seriously it was overkill and lost me. Also, whoever edited this book should be questioned. How many times did he write “iWatch”?! Seriously?! It’s 2018 and the “Apple Watch” has been out for years! One time I can understand, but throughout the book was embarrassing. Overall, I have read Maden’s other Ryan book and was also disappointed. I wish they would find another author. So far Mark Greaney is by far the best shadow author.


Overall the story line took to long to develop. If I wanted s history book, I would go back to graduate school!


Not even close.


Don’t bother




Like all Tom Clancy novels, you will not be disappointed by this novel. The novel grips you as soon as you pick it up. You learn very quickly that you have no idea who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. If you decide to read this book you had better have some good alibis as to why you did not show up for work. Once you begin this novel, you will be unable to put it down until you complete it!


... not enough action. I almost didn’t finish this one because I was bored.