Something in the Water PDF Download

Something in the Water PDF Download

By: Catherine Steadman
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-06-05


So many directions this could have gone, but it didn’t... I kept waiting for something more interesting to happen. It held my attention but then left me feeling like it wasn’t worth the time.


This book did not disappoint! Such a good read, highly recommend


This book was intriguing and addictive. It was very difficult to put it down for a break when I needed to do other things like sleeping, eating or going to work! The ending caught me completely off guard. Things turned out so unexpectedly! How many people totally trust someone who turns out to be untrustworthy? This proves the expression: “Love is blind!”

SG, Minneapolis

I never write reviews, but had to comment on this great thriller! From the way it begins—digging her husbands grave—to the surprising end, this book had me hooked! Characters are interesting and the plot unfolds with believable twists and turns leading you to a surprising end. Some of the gripping scenes described with clarity, detail and emotion that I felt my heart racing right along with Erin. I had a hard time putting it down and would have read it from cover to cover had time allowed. What a great first novel —truly entertaining!


I never write reviews but this author is great, love this book, this author needs to write more books !! So talented !!


Where do I even begin? The first chapter sets things up nicely and draws you in, but it all sort of falls apart after that. The protagonist and her husband have got to be the two most idiotic characters I’ve ever met - nothing they do makes any sense. Moreover, they’re poorly developed and poorly written - no sense of who they are, their personalities, what they really want. It’s pretty clear that the author is attempting to tell a compelling and subtle story about seemingly good people with a perfect-looking life who quickly descend a slippery slope into becoming criminals (Gasp! Do any of us really know who we are or what we’d be capable of when confronted with such temptation?!), but it’s all heavy handed and falls flat. Not worth your time or money.


Could not put the book down!

Reader lou

A great read!


Could not put it down! Beautiful piece of work!


I so wanted to love this book but after reading just 75 pages, I could not fathom why it was getting any good reviews. Erin (main character) was not likable and the choices she made throughout the story were not plausible AT ALL for the normal person. Her fiancee/husband (Mark) was so up and down, I didnt know what to believe. And her relationship with Eddie, the mobster?? Gimme a break. Nothing about this book was good except the reviews from Reese Witherspoon (who I love) but this is simply not a book I could recommend to anyone.

ok tex

Good read Led up to a good plot nice to have more at the end


The plot was not credible. The plot consisted of one bad decision after another. There stupidity was boring