The Sun Does Shine PDF Download

The Sun Does Shine PDF Download

By: Anthony Ray Hinton & Lara Love Hardin
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction
Relase Date: 2018-03-27


I rarely like reading biographies. But when this book showed up in Oprah’s book club, I jumped and bought it (her recommendations never fail). And I am glad I did. Mr. Hinton’s story brought me inside death row, I laughed with him, suffered with him and cried in almost every chapter. As a Hispanic American woman, I felt sorrow for the life’s of everyone in a disadvantage position and specially for the African American community in the United States. Racism and injustice has not ended. I’m so happy Anthony Hinton found justice, even if it took 30 years, but I wondered how many innocent souls never did, and suffered the death penalty? I love the friendship he has with Lester and reminds me of my own best friend...this book is a MUST READ...Filled with love, hope and justice for a man that deserved it. I really hope Anthony gets to meet Halle, Sandra and Kim, in real life, one day and thank them for their part in helping him survive through 30 years....


It shows the biases in the criminal justice system. Also shows the importance of hope, faith, love, friends and family in life but especially when one has to deal with the injustices of society.


This book provides great insights into a terribly flawed justice system beyond repair. Ray’s perseverance and faith in God is phenomenal! Lester’s unwavering friendship personifies true friendship. In addition, the book is well written and my heart broke as I read each page. Great read!


Anyone in any situation can learn about living a good life from this beautifully told unimaginable horror


What a story. Opened my eyes to see what a problem there is in this country. They say 1 in 10 on death row is innocent. Even if the number is 1 in 1000 it’s still heartbreaking. God bless Ray Hinton.


One of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read.


This was the most amazing book I have read for a long time. It brought me to my knees, it made me so angry at times, it made me sad and it gave me hope. Ray, I am so sorry for what you had to go through. God created a great man named Ray. Thank you Lester and Bryan for believing, having faith and the unconditional love you gave you gave Ray. You are truly great men.

NatLeein SC

Amazing story of faith and injustice but a truly inspiring story!!!


A great read and well written. Very thought provoking.

a serious reader

Excellent read my heart does out to all those innocents convicted of a crime they clearly have not committed. Thanks to all the Brian Stevenson’s of the world and good luck to Ray.


I read the book in 1 day. I found myself crying few times. God bless u. I don’t know if I was able to make it. I am sorry 4 u.


If we think we have any problems - read this book. It puts all our troubles in perspective. My daughter is engaged to a beautiful black man- it kills me to think of him being accused and charged for something he didn’t do— all because of the color of his skin and his growing up poor. I think of my grandchildren and the racism that still exists. Will they have a harder time in a world that still looks at the color of our skin and immediately judges them. I pray for justice and fairness. I hope we can change a system that is broken. I admire the Mr Hinton - only through the grace of God could one man endure the fate he was given. God bless you and your life of freedom. You book was heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. Thank-you.