The President Is Missing PDF Download

The President Is Missing PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Bill Clinton
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-06-04

....did it!

Just what I had in mind for Summer Travel. Interesting, fast moving with a twist. I thought I had it pegged. Enjoy. TB


A lot it it must be true.. good primer on cyberterrorism


Storyline was terrible

Wasted good money

Reading this book I couldn’t help but feel bad for Patterson whose books I’ve enjoyed reading through the years. It’s as if he was boxed in forcing words together making up sentences. Boring for readers and self serving for Bill to say the the least!


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The book was a great thriller to read. Enjoyed the plot and saw so much of really is possible in our current national politics.

Bill Mercer

Loved it.

screwed over marine

Anything tied to a Clinton can’t be good


I was drawn to this book because of the collaboration with former President Bill Clinton. I was curious how it would go. I was not disappointed in the least. It was gripping and the only voice I heard when the President spoke was President Obama. So articulate, passionate and real. It was fast paced, heart pounding, can’t put down kind of book! I read as many chapters I could squeeze in on my 15 min work break often returning late to reading more sentence or page! This book shows you what can happen to a country that turns on each other, turns on itself. When we as Americans, our great melting pot; forgets what the Founding Fathers established for us and the future. It’s scary that what happens in this book, COULD happen. Enjoy this book, it’s worth it. Open your heart, your mind, and be kind to one another.


I don’t know how this book is so highly rated. Terrible writing, unbelievable plot - I had to put it down after 100 pages.


I have to say that I don’t typically read James Patterson but this book with BillClinton was fabulous. Exciting and a page turner. Loved it. RetailQueen


Exciting but somewhat predictable .. maybe it is because I have read so much Patterson though ! Always enjoy him and reach for more ! Great political read.