The President Is Missing PDF Download

The President Is Missing PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Bill Clinton
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-06-04


I love a tale that keeps me guessing and moves fast!


Yeah if you are looking for a professional writer whose been writing for years, then find a boring book written like a first time writer. By all means waste your money.


Worst book ever…couldn’t even finish it.


It isn't worth your time. Don't read it.


Reads like a thriller and seems spot on with technology and procedure for the government. Great job.


I am a fan of James Patterson and always look forward to the next book — whether it’s Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, the Women’s Murder Club, Private, etc. — but this book is without question for me the most exciting book that I’ve read that Patterson has written. It is such a terrific overview of the office of the Presidency, and an insightful presentation of what, in fact, could happen. I hope there will be more books like this in the future. President Clinton and James Patterson were an extraordinary team in writing this book. I appreciated the opportunity, and thoroughly enjoyed, reading it. Dennis Stefanacci


From a technical perspective, the novel is so far off from reality that it was difficult to read. It would have been much more plausible had they not tried to inject so many technical details.

703 Sue

I seldom write reviews but this book is one every American should read. Fiction yes but strong lessons learned from a tough situation. Made me think how much we count on computers and what would happen if something actually happened like this in real life. Don’t miss this novel, and share it with a friend or two or three!

Not far out

Excellent! Intrique and suspense! Hard to put down (good thing iPad battery drains!). Scary that this could actually happen with a profound effect so devastating! I figured out the “mole” but could not totally rationalize why. There are some very profound and thought provoking statements in the book that today’s politicians should take to heart.


Unless you maintain a political bias due to one of the authors, you should very much appreciate and enjoy this thriller of a novel. I think it was my fastest read book ever.


Great read! Very interesting and action packed. Sad people shouldn’t voice their political opinions on a book review site, nobody cares or wants to hear that.


A well written story, lots of detail that keep you thinking. Can’t wait to see this turned into a movie but a really good read. Couldn’t put it down. Lots of lessons to glean from this as well.