By Invitation Only PDF Download

By Invitation Only PDF Download

By: Dorothea Benton Frank
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Family
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


Susan Kennedy Cambria and her husband Alejandro are part of Chicago’s wealthy elite class. And, although Susan adores Frederick Stiftel, her future son-in-law, she worries that her daughter is marrying below her. Frederick was raised on a farm, in Low Country, South Carolina, after all, and not in a city, like the Cambria’s. Diane Stiftel loved her son Fred, and although, she truly wanted to get along with his fiancee’s mother, Susan Cambria, she was not about to allow the woman to bully her about wedding plans. I found the banter between the Stiftel’s family hysterical; as well as the engagement party held by them in South Carolina. When wealthy over-the-top-snobbish Susan Cambria and her friends came to South Carolina, they got a full, in-your-face, eye-opening introduction into farm life and southern hospitality. I love the Stiftel family, especially, Diane. She’s a giving, kind, and wholesome woman. Susan Cambria on-the-other-hand is just the opposite. She and her husband Alejandro are about to learn a couple of hard-earned lessons. Unfortunately, life’s greatest awakenings don’t come as a spur-of-the-moment, brilliant idea, but occur at the tail-end of an excruciating and agonizing experience. By Invitation Only is a hilarious as well as a poignant read. The characters are well-crafted and engaging; the plot captivating and the dialogue witty. I absolutely loved it. By Invitation Only is a quality read and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.


I have read so many of your books an love them all. This book is my favorite one so far. Thank you so much for writing it. Truly I enjoy each one I read. I hate to finish them it’s like leaving friends. Thank you so much, Lou Waid


So enjoyed your new book, loved all the characters and description of where everything takes place. The only bad thing is once I start reading your books I can’t put them down. So it only takes me maybe two or two and half days to finish and then I have too wait until your next one and that’s almost a year🤦🏼‍♀️. Our son went to Johnson and Wales culinary college in Charleston, and when we arrived I was hooked on the whole Lowcountry area. We have had many vacations to Charleston, Isle of Palms and Sullivan Island 🌴 just so love the area. After September 11, our son moved back North to be close to family with his then to be wife 😊. In your books you mention so many places that we have been to, it make like going on a mini vacation thank you. Can’t wait for your next book


By Dorothea) The only thing I dislike about her books is the last page. I hate for them to be over. Wish you could write more than one a year! But, I understand. Perfection takes a while.


Loved this book, I was so happy , last years book was not so good, but this was a good Read!


I look forward to every book as a great gift of imagination shared. Thank you ms Franks


Love, love, love this book and all the characters! DBF did it again! Can’t wait for the next book!


Terrible! I can’t believe I made it through this pointless book. The use of exclamation points became so distracting it drew my annoyed attention far more than the story line.