Educated PDF Download

Educated PDF Download

By: Tara Westover
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,
Relase Date: 2018-02-20


I’ve always loved reading, but I’ve struggled to finish reading anything the last two or so years. This book? No problem, I couldn’t put it down! I’ll be recommending this book to anyone who can possibly listen.


Very well written and brutal memoir about her Mormon upbringing and her ability to survive a constant quest for love from her parents. The abuse is horrible to read, you see her returning to the same gruesome scenes thinking they’ll be different when they could never be. It stunned me at the end in the acknowledgements her statement that the author states this book isn’t about Mormonism. Of course it absolutely is. All of this education and still she believes she can separate her family objectively. I came away depressed that she won’t find the love she is so much seeking because love can’t come from a tortured past. It must come from an accepted present w hope for a different future. It’s sad but I was left with the impression she is still very much still trapped.


definitely recommend this book. i really enjoyed it. Tara is a remarkable young woman.


Stellar collection of memories - like you’re living her life right there in the room amidst it all. Couldn’t put the book down. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


A must read.


This book was fabulous! I read it in 2 days. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The scenes were vividly described. All of the characters came to life and had sympathetic qualities. I felt as if I were there on that mountain in Idaho with them. I was cheering for Tara and hurting for her through the entire book. Highly recommended!


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What a story. And Dr. Westover’s writing is superb, and the story very compelling. One of the very books I’ve read in a long time.


Wow!! The courage it took her to do what she did is mind boggling! Way to go Tara!!! You made the impossible odds and soared!!! I agree with your end result!!! Educated vs non educated made the entire difference!!


Everything worked in this book


This book is very enlightening. I can see that Tara grows even though she suffers.


Memoirs are not usually the type of book that strikes my interest, however, the survivalist-Mormon backdrop was something I had only a vague idea of. After hearing a brief interview of Tara prompting the book I decided it was a must read & having just finished the book just hours ago... I’m so glad I did. I will say, if you have a history of trauma and may be sensitive to reading about someone else’s tread lightly. The story itself is still baffling to me- Tara’s journey from barely any education to being highly educated due to her own will, through all of her family struggles, is astounding.