The Woman in the Window PDF Download

The Woman in the Window PDF Download

By: A. J. Finn
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2018-01-02


From start to finish, a great read. Lots of surprises as you get into the meat of this novel. I could not put it down.


The author took a shortcut to the end of this book. Kind of ruined it for me. Way too convenient.


Spellbinding. Always believable. Kept me guessing. Interesting little clues dropped then not revisited until you’ve nearly forgotten about them. Satisfying ending.

stone crap

A fun thriller!

M. E. Stoneybrook

Wow; so many levels; so many layers! Books like this are rare. It’s hard to find such a strong, brilliant and yet very fractured hero.

Jean bridge

Put it down after three pages. Bad writing.


A modern day Hitchcock. Brilliant suspense. Loved it! Also, when it's turned into a movie and filmed in black and white, like the main character's favorite films, I would not be disappointed.


This book starts off very slow, and depressing, however, halfway through I was unable to put it down. A great mystery. Intense and insightful. It brought me into a world that is a reality for some but the average person may not be exposed to.


Good read but the ending felt a bit unrealistic.


Couldn't put the book down!


A good, quick read with a decent plot and interesting characters. A little predictable in parts, but enjoyable nonetheless. Looking forward to the next by this author.


I love mysteries and this was such a surprise ending, love it!!