The Hate U Give PDF Download

The Hate U Give PDF Download

By: Angie Thomas
Genre: Culture, Places & People, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2017-02-28

A Christian in a bible group

This book is AMAZING. I loved it so much and could read it 20 more times.


I never never been more devastated reading a book. This legit wrecked me.


this book is so well written and I have never been a person that really enjoys reading but ever since I started reading that book I never did want to put it down it’s such a powerful and joyful book which this story has changed me it made me wanna be a better person but just the message that it is telling you is really what hit me. This book is no ordinary book it even tells us about how racism is when it comes to black people so many deaths have happend to black people just because of there skin color which is so awful it even teach me to take a stand for my rights and to use my voice I never ever wanted it to end - P.S. you should make a 2nd book focusing on how donte will use his voice


Best book I’ve got my hands on in a long time.

alpha wolf🐺🐺

This was my first angie thomas book and I loved it. It shows no matter where you live or how much you are pressured, speak up. It was inspirational, even though starr was afraid she still spoke up for khalil. I absolutlely love this book and imagine on the come up is just as good.😁😁


This book is honestly my favorite book ever. “The Hate U Give” will make you feel every single feeling that the characters are going through. I absolutely loved this book and 100% recommend it!!

CAMI G🤗🤗🤗🤗

This was one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It was inspiring, sad, and beautiful.


I love this book it was awesome I really enjoyed it

Dahila mia

Black peoples should be treated like white disentangle matters if they are white or black it doesn't matter

Qui qui 1881

I love everything about the book from beginning to end, definitely going to read more of Angie Thomas’s books.


I loved the book so much! Don’t waste time on the movie because I was highly disappointed in it. The book is much better and amazing and the action and emotion was nonstop.


I loved this book so much I had to read it within a week because I was trying to savor it. I found this book eye opening in many ways. Although it was through the perspective of a black family in which I’m familiar with, I saw it through another lens which made me see the world differently. If you’re thinking about the book I recommend you just get it because regardless, there is something that will stick with you from this book. Overall I enjoyed it and I think anyone who reads it will too.