Before We Were Yours PDF Download

Before We Were Yours PDF Download

By: Lisa Wingate
Genre: Historical, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2017-06-06


The underlying theme of sisters is heart warming. The audio was nicely done.


Heart wrenching story of children in orphan care and the secrecy and shame of their beginning. The determination to live a life keeping the beginning hidden.


Heartbreaking beautifully written story.


As the story unfolds, going from the late 1930’s to the present, I found myself pulled into each of the characters. The author gives a face to a horrible time of injustice for the children in orphanages.


Cannot figure out who Judy was and how connected


Loved this book!


I was in such a rut reading such horrible books and this was like a breath of fresh air. I fell in love with the characters and thought about them all day. I’m so sad the story is over


Slow start, but very good!

Dingle Fringle

Interesting, sad, and well written,




Love this book. The content was disturbing but I could not put it down. A very sad time in history but a very good read.


What a treat to read such a well-crafted story. The writing is rich with imagery. At times it is gripping and suspenseful and at others poignant and poetic. Tragedy, suspense, insight and wisdom intertwine creating a complex and moving song that squeezes ones heart.