Fast and Loose PDF Download

Fast and Loose PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2017-04-18


Boo, hiss...boring, monotonous and predictable.

John cimino

Love the book it looks like stone is going to have a bright future in politics keep up the good work John


More of a comic book style than a literary giant but Stuart is able to hook them in!


Don't play fast and loose with your wallet. Not worth money (or time).


Seems Mr Woods gets drunk one night and writes the entire book in drunken stupor over a few hours. He should be ashamed for actually charging for this crap.


The quality seems to diminish with each book. The bar gets lower and lower. Pretty soon we will be tripping over it. Save your money and don't waste your time with this one. I would have given it one star but the systems rigged so the lowest Rating you can give it is two. Shame on you Mr. Woods.


Frederick Rasmussen, Whidbey Island, Washington.