A Simple Favor PDF Download

A Simple Favor PDF Download

By: Darcey Bell
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2017-03-21


Not recommended! The ending was terrible and the plot had large gaping holes while also being horribly predictable. Spark notes version will save you time and money if you’re still interested.


Pretty good until the end. The book ends stupid.

Hardcore Book Lover

This book was a great read! I’d definitely recommend it and couldn’t wait to watch it on the big screen.


The author does a great job of taking you through the twisted plot. I spent two days emotionally invested in the characters but that slowly diminished toward the end. Literally no one had my vote and it was so disappointing. I was hoping for more closure and a better “big reveal”. Interesting psychological thriller.


I’m glad I waited to buy this book until after the hype of the movie died down. I feel better about paying $2.99 for a terrible/weird book as opposed to the $12.99 that it was several months ago. The characters were awful, especially Stephanie. OMG, she was so obnoxious that it almost made the book too unbearable to finish. Just save your money. This book was so disappointing.


Roadrunner the state tax


I read this before the movie and love the characters, the plot, all the things that build up to an ending that just leaves you hanging. A million times better than the movie. The little details that are different change everything and create a great story versus an awful movie. Even if you like the movie, the book is a million times better!

Ceci bee

Wonderful reading, great plot. Couldn’t stop reading, finished in 48 hours. Didn’t enjoy the movie very much though, the book is definitely better! Highly recommend.


The book was such a great read until the ending. This could also be due to me stopping midway to go see the movie. I knew the movie ending would be a little different than the book but I felt like the whole book had this huge build up and the ending just fell flat. Maybe the author was leaving it open for a sequel but I wouldn’t be interested to read another good book with a flat line ending...


This book was an attention-grabber right from the beginning. It did take a little getting use to, as it’s written like a journal, almost. There were some details that really didn’t need to be added, as they didn’t affect the storyline at all and seemed to be unnecessary. But the story itself was good. The only thing it was missing was an ending. There was no ending. At all. The author DID do a great job of making the personalities of the three characters seem authentically different, it really seemed like it was three people and not just one person writing three parts. I bought this book because I wanted to read it before watching the movie, but now that I’ve finished the book, I don’t necessarily want to watch the movie. Mainly because of the lack of a closure.

t- reader

The beginning of the book is captivating, but begins to be predictable. The ending leaves a lot to be desired. The first 2/3 is good.


Although it was a nice easy read the weird and desperate plot twist leave you few cheated. “It was her twin” jumped the shark!