Smooth Operator PDF Download

Smooth Operator PDF Download

By: Stuart Woods & Parnell Hall
Genre: Action & Adventure, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2016-08-02

boots saddle

Teddy Fay does it better than the CIA. Great read.


Once again Stone Barrington is on the case along with some old and new friends. Government conspiracy or terrorist plot ? You’ll find out. As usual this book was great fun to read and Stuart continues to give us these amazing books.




Mr. Hall does a nice job of developing characters like Mr. Woods used to do.


Great book again


This is the worst read! I have enjoyed reading nearly all the "Barrington" series novels, but this one. The story never sparked that incentive to continue reading.


Don't waste your money


Great read.

123disappointed and then some

This effort is horrible. Woods must be soooo proud...Not! Shame on you for ripping off a longtime Woods fan.


A Stuart Woods fan and enjoyed every book, but not this one. Very poor and a waste of time and money. Will move on to other choices.


Not Woods best, seemed character usual banter. This may be because of the coauthor, maybe just money. I hope the next one is better, I have read them all.