The Obsession PDF Download

The Obsession PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Genre: Suspense, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-04-12

Cindy Demme

Still stands up as a great book. I still love the characters and the story. And, Tag, that most wonderful dog! Thank you Nora Roberts for keeping me entertained during the many hours I have to spend in “down time “! Cindy Demme


The book was well done and interesting! The only thing i was slightly disappointed with was how the suspense really only started towards the end! And the climax wasn’t that climactic... my only complaint


I have read nearly all of Ms. Roberts novels, including those under the JD Robb pen name, and have enjoyed each and every one. I hope Nora reads her reviews because I’d like her to know that the joy I’ve received from reading her fiction has impacted my life in a positive way. For most of us, life is incredibly stressful, and I look forward to her writing as an escape from the tension that each day inevitably invokes. Bless you talented Lady, for bringing so much enjoyment to so many.

B. McGrady

The best Nora Roberts I’ve read yet! Could t put it down!

cricket 65

Wonderful book!!!!


Awesome, loved it and couldn’t stop reading until the END


I couldn’t get my hands off this book. I had te paperback and omg I finished I bought the iBook just to read it again. My favorite book of all time. Would definitely recommend this book to everyone.


Good overall but the killers identity was predictable from very early in the book.


This is a great book I picked up in the library since my iPad was not available. When the iPad came back to me I went and bought this book to finish it. Nora you are one of my favorite authors for many years the characters and storyline always keep me entertained this one did that for me loved this one a lot keep up the stories

Penny B from Indiana

One of Nora Robert's best books I've ever read. It had me from page one and I couldn't put it down..Such a great book. I'd recommend it to all my friends!!! Five Stars for sure!!!


Probably the best book I've read. Couldn't put it down. Finished it in two days!


I have loved Nora Roberts books for many years and own almost all of the older ones. These new gory violent ones that she writes now are terrible. I haven't bought a new one in awhile but recently reread some old paperback ones and decided to give her another try. I'm officially done though. I don't mind a little mystery but I hate how twisted and creepy hers have become.