The Grownup PDF Download

The Grownup PDF Download

By: Gillian Flynn
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2015-11-03


Do not buy this. It has no ending


It seemed like the book had a great story going and then just ended.


This was a great suspenseful short story. The ending kind of left us on the edge of a cliff. Now to patiently wait for another piece from Flynn.


People who give this book a bad review are the kind of people who need their stories spoon-fed to them and then tied up with a little bow. This is a short story that is both amusing and thought provoking. It doesn’t give you all the answers, but, hey, that’s life for ya!


Great quick read, but wish it was longer!


Would have been nice to have known it was a short story before I purchased it and wasted my money


I truly hope there is a part 2 this short story........ I was left earning for more information and the next step I the plan.

Bryan Jimenez-Dorantes

Although the beginning of the book caught my attention on how she was giving hand-jobs the story went everywhere caught up with the wife's husband and a killing story weather the kid or the girl was right. Fast and easy to read, really enjoyed it.


I love Gillian Flynn but this felt rushed and trite. The protagonist tries to be clever far too often and it's distracting. The ending is also extremely lackluster and anticlimactic. It's not a bad plot but it's executed poorly. Overall I'm a bit peeved that I spent $3.


She had me in the beginning but then fizzled. She didn't develop the main character enough and didn't finish the story. Super unsatisfying. So brief that I am left thinking, "what the...?"


Partially my fault for not reading the reviews and looking closely on the details about the book but his was a SHORT story (like 50 pages). I definitely would not have paid had I done better research. It was an interesting read but not worth it for the cost. I'm ready for a new Gillian Flynn book!


It's a fun short story I read it in about an hour. Don't buy if you are looking for a full novel. I didn't mind the ending as much as everyone else did though!